Amanda Stanton Sounds Off On Her Ex-Husband In Blog Post, Says Josh Murray is An Angel

Amanda Stanton slams her ex Nick Buonfiglio

Amanda Stanton recently found love with Josh Murray on Bachelor in Paradise, but her relationship before that sounds like it was more like a nightmare. Stanton wrote a lengthy post about her life as a single mom on her personal blog, but she also used the online forum to call out her ex-husband Nick Buonfiglio, who’s the father of her two daughters, Kinsley, 4, and Charlie, 2.

In her post, Amanda revealed that she became a single mom when Charlie was still a newborn. While she was still trying to lose 40 pounds of pregnancy weight while breastfeeding her baby, Stanton says her estranged husband was out partying in Vegas and meeting women on Tinder.

“I remember thinking it was so unfair that he could just break up our family and then go back to living his life the way he did pre-children while my world completely revolved around them,” Stanton wrote.

“Finding someone new was the last thing on my mind. 2 months after we moved out, I still hadn’t filed for divorce yet because it was too much of a mission to go to the courthouse with the babies. I had my hands FULL (& that’s an understatement). I actually remember getting a text from my (probably drunk) ex that read: ‘You can’t divorce me… you’ll be 25 & divorced with two kids…no one will ever want you!'”

Now that Amanda has found love (and some Neil Lane bling) with Murray, she called her ex-husband out for his cruel comment, adding, “HA! How do you feel about that now, buddy?!”

Amanda Stanton went on to say that while she went to Paradise with the hope of finding love, she never dreamed she would find someone like Josh.

“I feel like the absolute luckiest girl in the world to have met someone like him,” Stanton wrote of Murray.

“He truly loves Kinsley and Charlie like they’re his own and they adore him right back. He is hands down the most loving, patient and understanding person I have ever met…He is a better person than me, that’s for sure. I’m not sure what I did to deserve someone like him. He is our angel!”

A little message to all the single mommys on the blog ❤️

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Amanda’s description of her new relationship sounds much different than what she had with her ex-husband. But Buonfiglio is not sitting silently. While his divorce from Amanda was finalized in June 2015, Nick is taking the ABC reality star back to court. Stanton’s ex-husband told Us Weekly that he now wants to cut financial ties with her and have a 50/50 custody arrangement.

“I’ve paid her way long enough — she makes plenty to support herself,” Stanton’s ex told the magazine. “I just want her to pay her way, I pay my way, and we co-parent.”

Nick feels that Amanda’s reality TV fame has changed her financial picture to the point that he should no longer have to pay her support. According to TMZ, Amanda’s ex says her income has skyrocketed since her stint on Bachelor in Paradise, going from a meager $100,000 a year to a whopping $20,000 per month. Buonfiglio filed court documents requesting more time with their two daughters after accusing Amanda of putting them in full-time daycare while she’s busy working on reality TV.

Fans first saw Amanda Stanton’s daughters when she introduced them to Ben Higgins during his season of The Bachelor. In the hometown episode, Higgins said Amanda was pretty much raising her kids alone.

But Nick’s story is a little different than Amanda’s. The Orange County sales rep told Us Weekly that while he definitely made mistakes in his relationship with Stanton, he has gotten a bad rap in the media when it comes to his daughters.

“I admit I made mistakes,” the dad of two said.

“We married young, we had our ups and downs. I was able to learn from it. A lot of people got the wrong side, like I abandoned my kids — that’s something I’ve seen in social media.”

Take a look at the video below for more on Amanda Stanton and her happy new relationship.

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