‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Everything We Know About The Six Core Characters So Far, Plus A Few Juicy Tidbits

For many people, turning 36 isn’t a significant birthday. For the six people featured on NBC new dramedy This Is Us, it was an important milestone. The series will follow these six individuals as they weather life’s various storms and meet each other in a compelling way. Everything you thought you knew about the series will be shattered by the end of the pilot series, Entertainment Weekly reports. It is a must-watch series and should be watched with someone you love. The six core character all bring something unique to the table to make This Is Us must-see television.

Mandy Moore plays Rebecca, a mother-to-be expecting triplets and is deeply in love with her husband, Jack. Rebecca is excited about beginning the next chapter in her life and becoming a mother. Rebecca’s world is flipped upside down when tragedy strikes in the delivery room and tests her marriage to Jack.


Milo Ventimiglia plays Jack, a devoted husband and father-to-be who tries his best to remain positive after suffering a horrible tragedy. Jack is a normal guy — a good man if you will — who wants to stand by his wife and support her as she grieves for her horrible loss. This is Us viewers will cry hearing his heart-breaking story.

Susan Kelechi Watson plays Beth, a hard working mother who is thrown a curve ball when her husband, Randall brings his long-lost birth father into the family fold. His father’s presence creates tension as her husband slowly works out his abandonment issues with him.

Sterling Brown plays Randall, a man who has achieved professional success. He had a nice car and house but was missing one important thing in his life: his birth father’s love. Randall finally tracks down his birth dad and learns he got more than he ever bargained for. His father reveals that he’s dying, something that Randall has a difficult time processing. His struggles will be emotional to watch for This Is Us viewers.


Chrissy Metz plays Kate, an overweight personal assistant who decides to tackle her life-long struggle with her weight. She joins a support group to help her stick to her weight loss goals and meets Toby (Chris Sullivan). They hit it off, but Kate doesn’t believe deep down that she deserves to be happy or loved. It’s possible she may try to push him away, at least at first.

Justin Hartley plays Kevin, a television actor who believes he is more than just a beautiful face. He suffers an emotional breakdown on the set of his sitcom and ultimately quits his job. He decides to do something else with his life, but now he has to make a choice about what to tackle next. This Is Us viewers will be able to relate to his personal struggles in some way.


NBC’s This Is Us trailer revealed that Jack and Rebecca would find out the third baby, a boy, didn’t make it. They are left with two healthy children but feel an incredible sense of loss for the child they lost. Jack wonders how Rebecca will cope with the loss and starts to second guess if he can be the glue to keep the family together. “By the end of the pilot episode, you will start to realize that everything you thought the series was about was wrong,” the series creator Dan Fogelman reveals.


And Fogelman promises that after Episode 2, the series picks up the intensity even more and leaves you ready to laugh, cry, and everything in between as you watch and get to know the characters on NBC’s This Is Us.

Don’t forget to watch the premiere of This Is Us on NBC tonight at 10 P.M EST.

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