Black Friday 2016 Predictions: 50-Inch HDTVs Under $150, $90 Laptops, $33 Tablets At Walmart, Target, Best Buy, And More

black friday 2016 predictions HDTVs tablets laptops walmart target best buy

Believe it or not, the biggest shopping holiday of the year is not nearly as far away as you may think it is. It is going to fall on Friday, Nov. 25, 2016, but there are certainly going to be stores that start their sales earlier in the week and even earlier online. Well, it’s time to start looking at just what kind of big deals may be coming to shoppers in a couple of months and that means it is time for the Black Friday 2016 predictions.

There are people out there who believe future Black Fridays could end up changing considerably in the future, especially if brick-and-mortar stores do suffer a tragic fate. For the time being, though, shoppers are going to head out to different stores for the big-time sales and get whatever they can on Black Friday, Thanksgiving, or even days before that.

With that being said, many of the Black Friday 2016 predictions are starting to leak out and it’s quite interesting to see what HDTVs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other items may go for, this year. Of course, not everything is known as of yet, but Best Black Friday has a good idea of how the deals may be.

black friday 2016 predictions HDTVs tablets laptops walmart target best buy

Remember, these predictions are estimates gauged by looking at the prices and deals from past years along with the trend of the economy this year. First off, let’s see what kind of deals will be arriving for HDTVs on Black Friday.


32″ units starting at $75
40″ units starting at $110
50″ units starting at $145
55″ units starting at $200
60″ units starting at $350

While the smaller-size TVs may not see a lot of change from past years, the bigger screens are seeing drastic drops in price. For instance, in 2015, 60″ HDTVs were being predicted to go for $549 but this year, just $350.

BF Ads is stating that the big price-drop on the larger units this year is due to the rising popularity of 4K TVs. There will be deals on those as well, but if you’re not in the market for a 4K TV, expect to find some incredible deals on TV units.

black friday 2016 predictions HDTVs tablets laptops walmart target best buy

Laptops And Tablets

Look for laptops to plummet in price on Black Friday this year as some of the lowest doorbusters could have them at just $150 and some as low as $90.

For those that need a tablet of their own or one for a Christmas gift, you’re going to be in luck. The iPad Air 2 is expected to be less than $300, while the 7-inch Amazon Fire could end up selling for as little as $33 in some retail locations.

Video Games

Don’t think that gamers are going to be left out in the cold on Black Friday 2016. BF Ads is reporting that XBox One S and PlayStation 4 bundles will be around $300, with some dropping below that price point. As Microsoft and Sony look toward their next generation consoles, they are going to attempt to clean out their inventory.

Best Black Friday has those same bundles going for as low as $249.99 while Nintendo Wii U bundles could drop below $200. Some of the pricier video game system bundles will include additional games, controllers, or even gift cards.

This is only a small portion of what will be on sale when Black Friday 2016 ads begin leaking out for the entire Internet to see. Network World believes that those leaks or “leaks” will be out before anyone even realizes it and could be seen before the typical end of October release.

Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, HH Gregg, JCPenney, Kmart, and many other stores are preparing for the chaos that is soon coming their way. If you’re going to be serious about Black Friday shopping, it doesn’t hurt to start getting ready now.

Black Friday 2016 is likely going to get just as many complaints as past years, and the protests will probably even go up in number. People are just dead set against it, but others can’t help but love the bargains and deals that land in their hands. People are not going to stop shopping whether it is an HDTV at Best Buy or a laptop at Target or a bunch of cheap Blu-rays at Walmart that saves them the most money. Sometimes it’s the savings. Other times, it’s the Black Friday thrill of it all.

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