Kylie Jenner And Tyga Want To Get Married, But The Kardashians Are Planning Engagement Sabotage?

Kylie Jenner’s family is said to be planning engagement sabotage amid rumors of a potential marriage.

Since Kylie Jenner and her rapper boyfriend, Tyga, rekindled their romance in June following a weeks-long split, they’ve been faced with reports claiming they are planning to get married. However, in the latest report, it is noted that Kylie Jenner’s family is not at all on board with the reality star and cosmetics mogul tying the knot.

On September 19, the Stopru shared a report regarding Kylie Jenner’s family’s issues with the potential engagement and marriage, claiming the family was prepared to “derail” any plans.

“There are zero people in her life that want to see her marry Tyga right now, literally everyone is begging her to slow down. But she’s 19, she can do what she wants to do and her passion for this guy is real, she’s so in love. She could easily elope with him and no one can stop her,” a source told Hollywood Life last week.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga began dating publicly last year after Jenner turned 18, but were rumored to be together months before their romance debut. Since then, the couple has experienced ups and downs, and while they appear to be quite stable at the moment, it wasn’t long ago that they decided to part ways and see other people.

In May, following the confirmation of their breakup, Kylie Jenner stepped out with PartyNextDoor and Tyga was seen with British lingerie model Demi Rose Mawby. Then, just weeks later, after Kylie Jenner enjoyed some dates in Los Angeles with the hip hop artist, she and Tyga reunited and quickly confirmed the news of their rekindled romance with fans on social media.

In addition to reports of Kylie Jenner’s family being at odds with her relationship, there has also been ongoing speculation into her involvement with Tyga’s finances. For months, Tyga has been accused of stiffing landlords and having cars repossessed, and many feel that Kylie Jenner is the one who is bailing him out — especially after her sister’s husband, Kanye West, signed him to his record label.

“Not to be arrogant or irresponsible, but Tyga isn’t worried about his finances. What’s done is done. He’s learned from his money management mistakes and vows to live life on more meager means. Kylie’s been his rock and has reassured him that she’s his bank and will catch him if he falls,” a source previously revealed to In Touch Weekly. “He’s not depending on her by any means, but, she’s his safety net in case some s**t goes down. Kylie’s holding him down, and that’s what a real woman, especially one who’s in her financial position, should do for her man.”

While Kylie Jenner may be prepared to help her boyfriend if needed, her family isn’t ready for her to take the next step, regardless of what she may want.

Although Kylie Jenner and Tyga haven’t announced any official plans to get married or engaged, the reality star recently addressed the issue on Snapchat. Along with a photo of a massive diamond ring gifted to her by Tyga in June, Jenner said she couldn’t wait to see what her engagement ring would look like.

For more of Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship, tune into Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 12, which returns to the E! Network on Sunday, October 23, at 9 p.m.

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