Michelle Obama: Presidential Debate ‘Worst Way’ To Spend 20th Anniversary [Video]

Michelle Obama has confessed what we could all have guessed: Celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary watching your spouse in a presidential debate just ain’t that fun.

Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson married in Chicago on October 3, 1992, yet the landmark anniversary celebrations had to wait on Wednesday as President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney slugged it out in Denver in the first of three live televised debates.

Speaking to CNN alongside her brother Craig Robinson just prior to the debate, the first lady admitted:

“I told Barack, ‘This, you know, attending a presidential debate on my 20th anniversary is probably the worst way for me to spend [it].’ I get so nervous at these debates. I would not have chosen this, but I’m excited about it.”

Michelle Obama added that she avoided critiquing her husband’s performance at speeches or debates as she feels her husband is a strong enough orator without her feedback. She told CNN:

“I really would probably be the worst person to assess his style or his techniques.”

Since the opening presidential debate finished, many pundits — even left-leaning ones — have claimed Romney edged the exchange with a passionate showing that compared favorably with a tired-looking Obama.

Perhaps a candlelit dinner would have been the better choice after all.