Amal Clooney Calls On The United Kingdom To Accept More Syrian Refugees

On behalf of Nadia Murad, a young Yazidi woman who was taken by ISIS as a sex slave, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney has urged British Prime Minister Theresa May to sway the United Nations to put pressure and bring punishment against ISIS only a day after announcing that she will mount a case in the courts against the extremist jihadist group on behalf of Murad.

The notable barrister, who is the wife of Hollywood star George Clooney, additionally stated that she would be delighted to prosecute Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for crimes committed against humanity and war crimes.

As the Daily Mail notes, Amal spoke with Channel 4 News alongside Murad.

“I would hope that more could be taken in. There has been one Yazidi family that has been given asylum so far in the UK. You have had a million refugees accepted in Germany in the last year and 70,000 of those have been Yazidis. In every other country it’s been literally a handful, so I’m hoping that can improve. Actually one of the positive signs is that Prime Minister May when she was Home Secretary had instituted the idea that there should be the ability for private sponsorship.”

MP for Aldershot, Sir Gerald Howarth, spoke up in response to Clooney, noting that it is important to look at the concerns that arise for voters taking a stance on the issue of immigration and accepting of refugees.

“Our people have for years been denounced as racists if they have dared to express concern about immigration. But perhaps those who criticise the British governments should do more to urge foreign leaders to stop corruption and make their countries more worth living.”

Howarth went on to remind that the United Kingdom has done “more than anyone” in regards to helping refugees who are based in Jordan and additional countries that surround Syria. The MP went on to repeat the opinion of the prime minister, who stated that no favors would come to these people by the government allowing them to enter to the U.K. without the appropriate necessities and space.

Howarth recalled the issue surrounding Brexit and that it was about controlling the border because, as he states “we are full up…”

Amal was eager to put pressure on Syrian president al-Assad and is keen to be a part of the process to bring him to justice for his crimes. Clooney, a woman known for her drive and motivation to work for and against those she feels deserving, sees the process that will hopefully result in the president receiving the due punishment for his crimes as a welcome task.

The Mirror notes her words.

“If there is a prosecution of President Assad I would be delighted to work on it. I think the UN has concluded that the Syrian government has committed crimes against humanity and war crimes. They’re not the only ones – there are other actors who have committed the same crimes. But I think there’s little doubt that that’s what we’re dealing with.”

There are millions who have been displaced by the war that has gripped Syria for years now. Families, including many young children, have been living in dire situations due to being unable to find resettlement. Many nations that had vowed to assist have not followed through on their original plans. A Whitehall representative speaking about the 20,000 refugees already accepted, says the government’s plan, which runs until 2020, will cost the United Kingdom £1.7billion.

[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]