WWE Rumors: Sting Postpones Neck Surgery For Potential Undertaker Match At Wrestlemania

WWE star Sting

Anyone that has followed professional wrestling for years knows that retirements aren’t always a permanent thing in the industry. Even though he made his official announcement, there is a chance that Sting could wrestle at least one more time for WWE. According to Wrestling Inc, the legendary performer is holding off surgery for a potentially huge match at Wrestlemania.

In September of 2015, Sting worked a heavily anticipated match at Night of Champions against Seth Rollins, who was then the WWE Heavyweight Champion. Things did not go exactly as planned as Sting suffered a neck injury during the match that caused him to announce his retirement shortly afterward.

WWE fans were obviously disappointed with the announcement that Sting was retiring as an in-ring performer. After all, they waited a very long time for the WCW legend to finally sign with World Wrestling Entertainment. They wanted to see all of their dream matches.

One of the matches that WWE fans have long yearned to see is one that features Sting taking on the Undertaker. They’re two of the biggest legends that professional wrestling has ever seen. A match between them deserves nothing less than one of the high-profile spots at Wrestlemania.

Count Sting as one of the many people who want to see a dream match against Undertaker at Wrestlemania, the biggest professional wrestling pay per view of the year for the past couple of decades. The former world heavyweight champion has not been shy about expressing that, either.

On the WWE Network, there is a talk show called Legends With JBL. It is where the namesake of the show has a variety of discussions with legends of the business. Sting was his guest recently, and some rather interesting tidbits were revealed by the man that helped carry WCW for years.

WWE star Seth Rollins

During the interview, Sting acknowledged that he was supposed to have neck surgery, a procedure which would more than likely prevent him from wrestling for WWE ever again. However, Sting also revealed that he has decided to hold off because he feels normal again after getting some rest.

Even before he decided to jump on board with WWE, Sting already had one of the more impressive resumes in the business. The Dallas native knows that anything that he does with World Wrestling Entertainment is a bonus to his legacy. Working with Undertaker at Wrestlemania would add to that.

In addition to adding to his legacy, Sting also knows the financial benefits of working a high profile match against Undertaker. Regardless of the venue or the other big matches on the pay-per-view, the masses will be paying to see Wrestlemania because of Sting and Undertaker, so the bonus checks should be pretty nice.

WWE star Undertaker

For public relations reasons, WWE is taking extra precaution when it comes to the health of their performers. While management is fully aware of how valuable a Wrestlemania match between Sting and Undertaker could be, they simply cannot just pull the trigger.

At the end of the day, though, WWE is a business. If management needs to sell 100,000 tickets in a gigantic stadium, then they are going to do their due diligence to see if Sting and Undertaker are both healthy enough to work a match against one another at Wrestlemania.

At their age, Sting and Undertaker are not going to be producing a mat classic. It will not receive five stars. However, none of that will matter to WWE fans because they are going to be extremely excited just to see two of the biggest names in the history of pro wrestling in the ring together.

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