‘The Bachelorette Canada’ Spoilers: Has Jasmine Lorimer’s Final Rose Pick Been Uncovered? [Updated]

'The Bachelorette Canada' lead Jasmine Lorimer

Jasmine Lorimer is the first The Bachelorette Canada lead, and her journey to find love is currently airing on the W Network. She immediately won viewers over during the premiere, and viewers were dealt a big shocker with the last elimination. Does she find love this season, and if so, which man seems to score that final rose? There are potential spoilers floating around that may pin down some of the specifics, and it looks like theories have shifted a bit as the contestants return to posting on social media and new previews for the season emerge. What’s the latest?

Entertainment Tonight Canada has been sharing teasers on many of the men, and some of the profiles they have shared have sparked a great deal of interest from viewers. There was Mikhel Sickand, an aviation engineer from Ottawa who loves motorcycles and considers himself to be a hopeless romantic, and there was also Mike Ogilvie, a firefighter and paramedic from Winnipeg. During the premiere, this 29-year-old revealed that he had some key things in common with the first Bachelorette Canada lead, Jasmine Lorimer, and he definitely generated a lot of buzz.

Another suitor who garnered some buzz was shared by ET Canada during their first bachelor release, and that is 32-year-old Kevin Wendt. He is currently a firefighter based in Toronto and used to be in the Navy. Bachelorette Jasmine met 20 bachelors during the premiere, and she had to send five men home after her first rose ceremony, with a handful more being eliminated each week until she got to five hometown dates and eventually her final rose pick.

Viewers are anxious for Bachelorette Canada spoilers regarding Lorimer’s final rose, but in this situation, there is no gossip guru like “Reality Steve” breaking down the details for curious followers. Quite a few viewers who had been speculating about the last rose ceremony thought for sure Lorimer’s decision had been unveiled, but that all exploded when she kept Kevin and Mikhel and sent home Mike. Where do things head from here?

There are still some theories, rumors and Bachelorette spoilers floating around about the guys to watch as Jasmine searches for love, but things definitely are not certain at this point. The sleuthing gurus at the Bach and Bachette Fan Forums have thrown themselves into scoping out the scoop for Lorimer’s season, and there were several names that consistently popped up as final rose contenders. Early on, it sounded as if inside scoop pointed toward Mike Ogilvie, Kevin Wendt, and Kyle Skinner as Jasmine’s Final 3. However, as things progressed, there was a shift on that front that turned out to be accurate, as fans have seen.

As fans continued to sleuth and speculate, Kyle’s named dropped out of the Final 3 contention and Mikhel’s was added. From there, buzz had generally pointed toward Mikhel going out third, but the sleuthers at the fan forum suspected that placement this is due to some tricky editing on the part of the producers. It sounded as if Mikhel was going to stick around, with theories that either Kevin would be eliminated at that point, or perhaps Jasmine would take all three guys to the next date location. As it turned out after the most recent episode, Mikhel did make it to Jasmine’s final two, but a shocker played out as Mike was sent home and Kevin joined the final two.

A fair number of Bachelorette Canada spoilers pointed toward Mike Ogilvie getting Jasmine’s final rose. Obviously, those were not foolproof spoilers though given the fact that Lorimer dealt out a shocker by sending this frontrunner home. Now it’s down to Kevin Wendt and Mikhel Sickand, and it looks like arguments can be made for either one to get that last rose. Some feel as if it may well be Sickand’s, but there do seem to be some signs adding up that hint toward Wendt being Lorimer’s pick.

Does Jasmine Lorimer find love with Mikhel Sickand, or Kevin Wendt during this debut season of The Bachelorette Canada? Which guy would you like to see snag Jasmine Lorimer’s final rose and which of the rejected men should go on to be the next Bachelor Canada lead? Could that opportunity now fall to Mike Ogilvie perhaps?

Update: How are things shaping up heading into Tuesday night’s finale? Will Jasmine pick Mikhel or Kevin?

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