Mars Rover Checks In On Foursquare. Becomes Red Planet Mayor

If Foursquare gave out a badge for checking in at the most awesomely incredible place in the galaxy, the Curiosity Mars Rover would receive that badge. The team at NASA, using the world’s most advanced terrestrial rover, checked into Foursquare for the first time on Wednesday.

In a NASA post, the space agency wrote:

“Today, NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover checked in for the first time on Mars, marking the first Foursquare check-in ever on another planet (and the second check-in in space!). Carl Sagan would be proud..”

Sure the maneuver is a huge gimmick for NASA and Foursquare, but it also showcases the capability of geolocation tools to chart previously uncharted territory.

As TechCrunch writer Drew Olanoff rightfully points out:

“With Google and Apple duking things out on maps and location, foursquare is quietly doing its thing, and quite well I might add. Its Explore tab keeps getting better, and the future looks bright for the company.”

Why do I have a feeling Google Street View for Mars is just around the corner, after all the world’s best mapping company can’t possible let Foursquare one up it.

Side note, Curiosity Rover is now the Mayor of Mars, although with a bit of luck and technology theft, Martians could retain the title.

Does it annoy anyone else that there is probably some super awesome NASA badge that we will never be able to add to our collection? Also I wonder what type of deals American Express is snagging for the Curiosity Rover during its permanent stay on the red planet.