Jennifer Aniston Karma: Brad Pitt’s Divorce Brings Aniston ‘Hot’ Memes

Jennifer Aniston Karma: Brad Pitt's Divorce Brings Aniston 'Hot' Memes

According to Facebook, more than 200,000 people are talking about Angelina Jolie-Pitt and Brad Pitt. As reported by the Inquisitr, news of Angelina filing for divorce from Brad has brought new attention to Jolie-Pitt and their last film together, By the Sea. The divorce has also brought loads of attention to Brad’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston.

In the top photo above, Jennifer fluffs her hair with Brad looking on in the background on Sunday, September 19, 2004. Just months earlier — around May 2004 — Pitt and Angelina had begun filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith together. As reported by the Daily Mail, Brad and Angelina admitted falling in love during that filming. Eventually, Brad would divorce Aniston and marry Jolie. News of Angelina now filing for divorce from Brad has naturally brought the “karma” reaction from social media users.

On Twitter, the #Brangelina hashtag is the top trending item with Aniston garnering nearly 40,000 tweets, even as Brad’s first name has gotten 328,000 tweets. However, there are other terms coupled with Jennifer’s name — like karma, Brad, Aniston meme and those declaring Aniston “hot” — that are also seeing an upsurge on Facebook and Twitter.

A whole lot of memes and GIFs like the one below are flowing into Twitter, borrowed from Jennifer’s days on Friends. In one popular meme, it shows Aniston bumping her own fists together with a tagline that claims that’s what Jennifer is doing now that Brad — who was often thought to have cheated on Aniston with Angelina, although Jolie-Pitt denied claims that she’d ever be attracted to a married man — is losing Angelina as a wife.

Another GIF shows Aniston trying to bury a smile with the meme suggesting that’s how Jennifer might have reacted to news that Angelina and Brad are divorcing.

Other memes point to the popularity of Aniston GIFs, such as the trend below detected by Trendolizer, which points to a website that allows people to make their own memes of Jennifer’s reactions.

In fact, the Giphy website shows a whole bunch of Jennifer memes on their front page, such as those that give Aniston a fed-up look, or an I-told-you-so sort of revenge karma look.

Some of the memes don’t feature Jennifer at all, but they feature other celebrities, such as reality TV stars or unknown people displaying their own self-satisfied and smug looks that reveal how Aniston might feel right about now.

However, even as people joke about not getting much work done because they are scrolling through Aniston memes on social media all day, others quip that they hope Jennifer would not be carrying around a hatred for Brad and Angelina for so many years that she would take a gleeful view of Jolie-Pitt and Pitt’s divorce news.

Still, the memes keep coming, like the below one of Wendy Williams, looking incognito with a smirk on her face, buried beneath a huge hat and all dolled up in bright lipstick.

It’s a meme that claims that’s how Aniston looks right about now in the wake of the divorce news. The Jennifer memes are enough to make one smirk out loud, when they consider their own hurt feelings when a partner cheats on them, only to be deserted by the person they were left for.

The Aniston-Angelina-Brad would-be love triangle was compared to how the world reacted when Eddie Fisher left his sweet blonde wife, Debbie Reynolds, for the dark-haired vixen that was Elizabeth Taylor


It’s not all fun and memes in the wake of the divorce news. Whereas some folks are joyfully soaking up the Aniston memes, others are writing that the Jennifer memes aren’t funny, and some claim the memes of Aniston’s supposed reactions are in poor taste. A sampling of the comments is below.

“One good thing has come from the #Brangelina split: Jennifer Anniston memes.”

“I think Jennifer Anniston wants to be excluded from the #Brangelina narrative. It’s been 11 years. She’s definitely moved on.”


“Great. Now we have to put up with tacky tabloid headline ‘Brad Pitt gets back together with Jennifer Aniston’ for the next 20 years.”

“Guys, not sure this whole ‘lol here’s what Jennifer Aniston thinks’ is a good look.”

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