‘Married At First Sight’ News: Derek Schwartz Explains Reason His Marriage Failed So Soon

Derek and Heather together

It has already been revealed that Derek Schwartz’s marriage with Heather Seidel is over. These two met on Married at First Sight, and after just 10 days, they called it quits. Things didn’t work out, but at the same time, they hardly even gave it a try. People got the chance to catch up with Derek and find out his thoughts on why their marriage failed so soon. Derek isn’t being shy about what he thinks at all.

Derek and Heather were supposed to be married for six weeks, but instead, after just 10 days, Heather said she was done trying. Derek is upset about this and revealed he was “disappointed and frustrated that the process didn’t really get to be finished all the way.” They went on their honeymoon together and then came back, but they didn’t see each other for three days. After that, it was time to make a decision about if they wanted to stay together. Heather admitted she was already done trying to make her marriage with Derek work.

Derek Schwartz is admitting that he was hopeful when they first met up just 10 days after their marriage to discuss what their decision would be.

He revealed, “I kind of felt like she was going to say that she wanted a divorce, but I was still a bit optimistic. The first time that she said [she wanted a divorce] was on the decision day.”

Derek shared that just two days into their marriage, she was saying that his smoking was a deal breaker. Derek did smoke, but he shared it wasn’t all the time.

Derek Schwartz went on to explain, “I brought it to her attention. She said she was okay with it and it never came up again until I asked her what was bothering her. She said, ‘It’s your smoking.’ I said, ‘Well, I thought you were okay with it.’ She said, ‘Well, basically I wanted to see. When I said I was okay, I wanted to see how often you were going to smoke.'”

Schwartz shared that he was more than willing to compromise on this, but Heather didn’t seem to care. He actually shared that he would have cut back or even quit. At this time, they aren’t even speaking to each other. The Inquisitr shared that Derek says he reached out to her, but she wouldn’t even answer him at all. Derek Schwartz tried her on Facebook and her official Married at First Sight Twitter account, but he didn’t have any luck at all.

As In Touch Weekly shared, there may be more to this story than Derek and Heather are sharing. A source revealed that Derek Schwartz did ask Heather’s permission to smoke while on the honeymoon. Heather told him it was okay, but she had no idea it would be something that he did all the time. On the show Married at First Sight, they did talk about Derek smoking but always made it sound like it was cigarettes and never shared it was allegedly marijuana he was smoking. There has been a lot of talk about this since, but the show has not addressed it at all. It will be interesting if they ever talk about it.

Are you shocked to see that Derek and Heather didn’t even try to make their marriage work for the entire six weeks? Do you think this couple should have been forced to try considering they knew what they signed up for? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Married at First Sight on Tuesday nights on A&E. Even though Derek and Heather’s marriage is over, they will still be on the show giving updates about their lives.

[Image via A&E]