WWE News: Huge WWE 2K17 Update, MyCareer Mode With Paul Heyman Revealed

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WWE 2K video games usually do a great job is simulating reality. Even though the WWE does just that on a weekly basis, the game series is a necessary accessory to the WWE product. As soon as THQ gave up the rights to 2K Sports, the WWE Universe knew that the game would turn a corner in a good way. They were right in their predictions. WWE 2K14, 2K15, and 2K16 were all great games and introduced a new engine to the popular wrestling game.

The moves were more realistic. Entrances became iconic with the series, and the creativity was turned to an all-time high. From creating a belt to an entire arena, 2K Sports did it right. Each year, WWE fans are very intrigued to see who will be included in the new roster. In a recent report by thet Inquisitr, the finalized roster was announced by the WWE 2K team.

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“Alberto Del Rio, Big Cass, Big Show, Bray Wyatt, Brock Lesnar, Carmella, Chad Gable, Darren Young, Dash Wilder, Diamond Dallas Page, Earthquake, Enzo Amore, Bill Goldberg, Jason Jordan, JBL, Mark Henry, Paige, Razor Ramon, Ric Flair, Rusev, Sami Zayn, Samoa Joe, Sasha Banks, Scott Dawson, Sheamus, The Miz, Titus O’Neil, Typhoon, Zack Ryder.”

A few of the names on that list include former-WWE superstars, like Del Rio. There are more names from WWE NXT like Gable, Dawson, Wilder, and Jordan. That also includes legends like Typhoon, JBL, Diamond Dallas Page, and Earthquake. Aside from last year’s travesty with the Four Horsewomen, the roster has always done a great job at including the best wrestlers from the WWE. The addition of Goldberg will help gain more buys from the WWE Universe.

Even if WWE 2K17 has the best roster in the series’ history, the most recent announcement of the MyCareer mode could be the biggest draw of the game. A new MyCareer mode for WWE 2K17 was announced by Paul Heyman late-Monday night that will give you a chance to be a Paul Heyman Guy, according to a report by HeymanHustle.

“2K Sports has released the “My Career” Game Mode for the upcoming WWE 2K17 video game, which will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows on October 11, 2016 and features Brock Lesnar on the cover. With The Beast Incarnate being featured so prominently, it only makes sense for the “My Career” Game Mode to feature how you, the gamer, can become a Paul Heyman Guy.”

Since there won’t be a Showcase mode this year, adding this to the list of features was a genius move by the WWE and 2K Sports. Being a Paul Heyman Guy has become synonymous with controversial figures in WWE history. Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Undertaker, CM Punk, Cesaro, Curtis Axel and Brock Lesnar have all learned under the tutelage of Heyman, who is regarded as one of the best wrestling minds in history.

paul heyman

According to Forbes, the new MyCareer mode even has a promo engine, which is a brand new feature that has never been seen in a WWE game. They’ve always included fixed promos before, but they were automated and simply looked ugly. Now, the new technology will allow Create-A-Player superstars to engage in speaking, while keeping up the same intensity in the ring. It appears the WWE 2K team have done another great job.

What will the WWE Universe like the most about the new game? It’s always subjective, but the addition of the Paul Heyman Guy mode inside MyCareer is a home-run. The video Heyman created on his website that’s linked above has short cut-scenes that tease what it will look like. No Showcase mode, no problem for WWE 2K17.

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