‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Eric Makes A Big Move Regarding Quinn And Brooke Talks With RJ About Bill

'Bold and Beautiful' star John McCook

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that family conflicts will escalate during Tuesday’s episode. Eric is standing firm in his decision to marry Quinn despite Ridge and Steffy planning otherwise. Brooke was on the verge of marrying Bill, but RJ’s objection to the union had forced her to take a pause. Where are things headed on these engagements during the September 20 show?

Eric has been completely committed to building a future with Quinn despite his family’s objections. Viewers have seen her lamenting the fact that the Forrester clan will not give her a chance or take a step back to see how good this couple is together, and that line of talk continues into Tuesday’s show. Eric, however, is ready to make big moves to prove his determination.

Viewers will see Eric talk with Quinn about how he is ready to cast his family aside in order to marry her and spend his life with her. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that she will be a bit skeptical about what he is saying, finding it hard to believe that Eric is willing to shun everybody else for the sake of being with her. However, he insists that he is not wavering, and We Love Soaps notes that he will soon send an explosive email to Ridge.

Everybody will have to tune in to see just what this email contains, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that it will leave Ridge quite stunned. The note will surely detail how determined Eric is to stay with Quinn, and it sounds as if this note may spark Ridge to reach out to other family members for additional help. Thorne and Felicia will be making their way back to Los Angeles as the week continues, but they may not react as Ridge is expecting as he beckons them to return home to help take a stand on this situation.

As this email situation plays out, Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that Steffy will be more determined than ever to see this plan against Quinn come together. The cornerstone of this plan is, of course, to get Bill to hand over his Forrester Creations shares to Brooke, who will, in turn, give them to Ridge. However, RJ’s reaction to the engagement news is shaking things up on this front. Steffy will talk about how imperative it is that this wedding take place as soon as possible, but will she really have any control over making it happen?


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SheKnows Soaps details that Brooke will share some news with her son during this next episode, and it sounds as if she will be telling RJ that she will slow things down regarding this wedding to Bill. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that she will tell Bill that she cannot just run off and get hitched right this moment as she does need to consider her son’s feelings. However, she also isn’t ending the engagement entirely as it seems Brooke will hope to persuade RJ that this is what she wants and that getting married will not ruin the teen’s family. Will she be able to bring RJ around to supporting his mother on this front?

Eric and Quinn’s wedding is set to take place within days, leaving Ridge, Steffy, and the others scrambling. Will they be able to stop these nuptials and regain control of Forrester Creations? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that things will get intense and emotional as this conflict escalates. There will be begging, pleading, and deal-making taking place, but viewers will have to stay tuned to see if either of these couples manages to successfully tie the knot.

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