Kelly Dodd Denies Refusing To Pay Bill At PUMP: ‘That Guy Was Fake. It Never Happened’

Kelly Dodd RHOC

Kelly Dodd is known for being a troublemaker on The Real Housewives of Orange County, and she has revealed that she does have some anger management issues. On the show, Dodd has already lost her cool several times, and it sounds like she isn’t exactly upset about losing her temper when she feels she’s defending herself. But a few weeks ago, a story surfaced about Dodd and her friends after they visited Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, PUMP, in Hollywood. Apparently, Kelly was there with Vicki Gunvalson to warm up before they had to get together to film the reunion special for The Real Housewives of Orange County.

According to a new tweet, Kelly Dodd is now revealing that the story circulating about her isn’t true. It’s no secret that Dodd has an interesting reputation, and many viewers don’t like the way she acts on the show. But Kelly downright denies that the event happened, and she claims that the person who says he’s a manager at PUMP is a complete fake.

“This doesn’t surprise me in the least! Kelly Dodd, seriously GROW UP & stop drinking and being such a b*#ch!” one of Kelly’s followers wrote on Twitter after learning about the incident a few weeks ago, sharing that she wasn’t surprised that Dodd’s name was being linked to the event.

“That guy was fake it never happened. Call Pump!!” Kelly Dodd revealed on Twitter, fighting back against accusations that she had made a scene at the restaurant.

“Seriously?? Can’t you do something to clear your name?? It’s all over the Internet,” one person suggested, to which Kelly Dodd simply wrote, “it’s so ridiculous! It’s sad..”

One person suggested she get Lisa Vanderpump involved, writing, “You should reach out to LVP to put out some statement since she is the owner and knows the truth. Unfair to be lied about!”


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The original story surfaced on social media when a man named Collin Newman posted a lengthy Facebook post about Kelly. He claims he was managing the PUMP restaurant one night, and Kelly was present. He claims she was upset and irate. Collin explains that her entire party had left without paying the bill, and Kelly Dodd was stuck with the entire thing. He claims that she had offered to pay, but when he came to collect the payment, Kelly supposedly argued that she wasn’t responsible for what her friends had eaten during the dinner.

Newman claims that Kelly Dodd started screaming at him about how it was his fault that she was left with the bill, and she asked him to go find her friends so they could each pay for their meal. He then claims that Kelly Dodd said that she was on television, and perhaps she was trying to get a celebrity perk. He argues that he doesn’t watch The Real Housewives of Orange County and has no idea who she is, even though his supposed boss, Lisa Vanderpump, is a huge part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Lisa Vanderpump has yet to speak out about this incident, and Kelly is now downright denying that it happened. Vicki Gunvalson did post a picture with Kelly from PUMP during the night in question, but she has yet to defend her friend. Maybe, she hasn’t said anything because she was one of the friends who had left Dodd behind at the establishment.

What do you think of Kelly Dodd’s decision to speak out about this incident? Do you think the person made up the story to get some attention, especially since Kelly and Vicki were in the establishment that night?

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