Kate Middleton News: Is Kate Pregnant For Canada Tour? Canadian Fans Are Watching What Kate Wears

When a princess — or a duchess — is pregnant, she has all the same wardrobe concerns that ordinary women have. If all the rumors that Kate Middleton is pregnant turn out to be true, the duchess is going to have a lot of decisions to make about what to wear on the upcoming Canada tour.

Kate will have to decide whether or not to hide the growing baby bump, and whether it’s time to opt for comfort over fashion.

The itinerary for Kate and William’s visit to Canada includes exploration of some remote areas and possibly some tramping around in the woods and mountains of British Columbia, the wild, westernmost Canadian province on the Pacific Ocean.


Kate Middleton is an experienced country girl and will want to think about having some sturdy footwear on hand to support her ankles and her pregnant belly. The queen will definitely be especially concerned about safety while Kate’s pregnant.

A recent article by the Inquisitr looked at how the queen is reacting to the news of Kate Middleton being pregnant. Hall of Fame magazine also reports that Kate Middleton is trying to squeeze out some extra vacation time and that she might fall asleep if asked to attend certain ceremonies with Prince William. That sounds like exactly what Kate would be worried about if the duchess is pregnant.

“The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is rumored to have demanded from Queen Elizabeth for an extended vacation.”

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly annoyed that Kate has been “taking off a lot of time from her royal duties,” and even if Kate is pregnant, that doesn’t count as an excuse as far as the Her Majesty is concerned. After all, the monarch’s oldest, Prince Charles, was born at the end of the Second World War, and the queen knows a thing or two about working as a royal while pregnant.


There was no absolute confirmation that the rumors that Kate Middleton is pregnant are true, but the rumors aren’t going away.

The Canadian tour coming up on September 24 to October 1 will see Canadian fans of the British Royal family watching closely for signs that Kate is pregnant. The Duchess won’t be able to hide a pregnancy bump very easily, but she will be expected to go fashion first and give a boost to Canadian brands.

If Kate wants to keep her pregnancy a secret while away from home, that’s going to be tough to do. How can she tell a designer to change her usual classic form-fitting style of dresses to a looser look without telling them why?


One way out of Kate Middleton’s wardrobe dilemma is the “number of cold and remote locations” that Kate and William will visit. They’ll have to bundle up, and for more formal events in the city of Vancouver, Kate might be able to get away with flowing gowns or less fitted dresses without giving away the royal secret that she’s pregnant.

On her previous visit to Canada, shortly after she and William were married, MacLeans magazine reports that Kate chose two Canadian-designed dresses by Montreal-born designer Erdem Moralioglu.


Kate Middleton also has a staple navy blazer in her regular wardrobe that’s from the Canadian line Smythe, and when she was in Canada the last time, she used a lot of symbolic accessories. The Duchess chose “a red maple leaf hat paired with a white dress,” for one occasion, and the Mirror wrote about an extraordinary maple leaf brooch that Middleton borrowed from her mother-in-law.

“On her last trip to Canada, the Duchess famously sported the Queen’s diamond encrusted maple leaf brooch on three occasions.”

Kate will have lots of jewelry to choose from as well, and jewels can serve as an excellent distraction from a growing royal baby bump.

What do you think? If Kate Middleton is pregnant when she visits Canada, will her Canadian fans be the ones to finally get the truth?

[Featured Image by Ian Vogler/WPA Pool/Getty Images]