Is Gerard Butler Married: ‘300’ Actor Checks Out Other Women, Not Girlfriend Morgan Brown, Promotes Movies In Toronto

Is Gerard Butler married? Rather, the question should be, will Gerard Butler ever get married? The 300 actor may have turned 46 last year, but that has not turned down his playboy tendencies. Right before going to Toronto to promote his movies, he was caught checking out several women who are not his girlfriend, Morgan Brown. Looks like he has a case of a wandering eye!

The 300 star did not make an effort to cover up his flirting. In fact, he seemed right in his environment to be on the prowl without his girlfriend.

“He’s often seen packing on the PDA with girlfriend Morgan Brown. But Gerard Butler could not stop himself from admiring a whole host of other lovely ladies, as he enjoyed a drink without his girl in London last week,” reports the Daily Mail. “The actor, 46, relaxed at the Queen’s Pub in Primrose Hill, where he eyed up not one, but seven women that walked by.”

The description of him checking out new women is quite hilarious. Not only did he smile “at his first female acquaintance before sharing pointed looks with the next five,” he even “shared a giggle with a pair of dark-haired beauties” as well as “flashing a cheeky smug smile.”

The article even suggested that “he moved across to a standing position on the opposite side of his table — perhaps hoping for a better view of any approaching beauties who may come his way.”

It looks like Gerard Butler has flirting game totally down. Let’s hope that the question on these women’s minds wasn’t, “is Gerard Butler married?”

The fact that he was on a prowl just a week after he spent time with his girlfriend Morgan Brown is quite surprising. They were seen in Mayfair, “looking the picture of passion as they indulged in some window-shopping on Bond Street,” according to the Daily Mail.

“It was evidently a romantic walk for them both, as they were seen stopping to kiss and touch each other at every opportunity,” reports the Daily Mail. “At one point the couple could be seen getting very cheeky as they placed their hands on each other’s backsides.”

But now, the 300 star is away from London and in Toronto, promoting his newest movie, the Headhunter. He is using his well-trained charm to attract people’s attention on his latest movie project.

“I would love to live in this city again,” he said according to Toronto Sun. “It’s such a nice balance of so many things and the people are fantastic and there are such cool areas. To have spent a lot of my childhood before I was an actor, spending time here, but being a kid and going, ‘I wonder what I’m going to do when I grow up,’ and then to become an actor and have my movies playing at the Toronto Film Festival is incredible.”


Maybe it is on his mind to think of a place to settle down with his girlfriend Morgan Brown. While he may be checking out other women from time to time, this whole summer, Gerard and Morgan were found in each other’s arms more often than not.

“They have been a couple for a blissful two years,” reports Daily Mail. “And Gerard Butler has proved the spark is very much alive with his girlfriend Morgan Brown as they soaked up the sun in Positano, Italy, on Monday awaiting the Ischia Global Fest. The 46-year-old Scottish actor showed off his beach body while his stunning partner sported a barely-there two-piece bikini when they got hot and heavy under the water.”


But that doesn’t mean that their relationship has been free from arguments and tension. When they were caught going to see a play on the West End, they appeared without cracking a smile to the paparazzi.

“As a star of the silver screen, he must surely love live theatre performances,” reports the Daily Mail. “But, ironically, Hollywood actor Gerard Butler failed to raise a smile after watching the West End production of Funny Girl. The star, 46, was spotted on leaving the Savoy Theatre on Saturday night, where he was joined by girlfriend Morgan Brown.”

Will Gerard Butler ever get married? Will that girl be Morgan Brown? Let us know in the comments below!

[Photo by Richard Shotwell/AP Images]