Kris Jenner Suspicious About The Paternity Of Blac Chyna’s Baby: Is ‘KUWTK’ Matriarch Trying To Meet Blac’s Alleged Other Man?

Blac Chyna’s baby daddy problems are about to get real bad if Kris Jenner gets involved. After rumors started flying that Rob Kardashian may not be the father of Blac’s baby, everyone wants to know who might it really be. With reports that Blac might be cheating on Rob with Pilot Jones, there has been speculation that he might actually be the father of the highly anticipated Kardashian baby.

It’s no secret that Kris Jenner likes to stay in control of all things Kardashian. Now that Blac Chyna is pregnant with Rob Kardashian’s baby, that means Kris wants to have her hands on everything related to her pregnancy too. With the recent drama between Blac and Rob, Jenner has been seen on their E! network series trying to figure out how to get the odd couple to get along.

Black and Rob recently hit a rocky patch when she admitted that the reclusive Keeping Up With The Kardashians star might not be the father of her child. Later, Blac admitted that she has no doubts that Rob is the father of her child, and she really only said that to him to “get under his skin.” That didn’t go over well with fans or the Kardashian family, though, and now Chyna can’t seem to shake the rumors that she hasn’t exactly been faithful in her relationship with Rob Kardashian.

With recent tension between Blac and Rob over allegations that she has been cheating throughout much of their relationship, Radar Online reports that Kris Jenner is trying to insert herself into their mess yet again. This time, after the gossip site reported on Chyna’s alleged relationship with singer Pilot Jones, they are claiming that Kris wants to set up a meeting with Blac Chyna’s possible other man.

Despite Blac Chyna denying the Pilot Jones rumors and even sending some scathing messages to Radar Online, according to their report, they were able to obtain and share pictures of Blac and Pilot looking pretty comfortable with each other. To make matters worse, they also had text messages between the pair that were reportedly sent within the past month.

Several days ago, the gossip site dropped the Blac Chyna cheating bombshell and claimed that Blac has been seeing Pilot behind Rob Kardashian’s back for months. Back in March, when Blac and Rob were fighting, she was reportedly seen partying with Pilot Jones at a club. To make matters worse, Pilot posted a video of Blac Chyna twerking in a club on Instagram, and Rob is nowhere to be found.

On top of Kris getting involved in Blac and Rob’s relationship drama, there are also reports that the Kardashian sisters have inserted themselves into finding out of Blac Chyna is cheating. Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe reportedly hired a private investigator to dig into Blac’s business and see if she was cheating on their brother, Rob.

It’s surprising that Rob hasn’t freaked out on his meddling family for continuing to mess around in his business. After all, a lot of the reason he cut them off for so long was due to the Kardashians’ inability to give him some privacy and to stop getting involved in every aspect of his life. Then again, maybe this time around Rob is thankful for the help. With an upcoming wedding to Blac Chyna planned and a baby on the way, it would be in his best interest to find out now if Blac has been cheating, rather than to go forward with the marriage only to find out that she made a fool out of him.

Blac Chyna’s friendship with Pilot Jones is undeniable. With rumors that Pilot might actually be the father of Blac’s child, Kris Jenner reportedly wants to have a sit down with him. Like every other scandal that happens to the Kardashians, Jenner wants to get it under control and contain the press surrounding the anticipated paternity test and whatever the results may be.

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