WWE News: WWE Is Throwing Around The Idea Of Having The Shield Reunite, But It Won’t Happen Any Time Soon

The Shield may go down as one of the top factions ever in WWE history or even in wrestling history. What makes them so significant is that you can look at all other major factions and notice that one or all people involved were already on the main roster or managed to see a lot of television time before the faction was created. This was not so with The Shield. Made up of FCW/NXT talent in Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns, the faction was not centered around any certain person.

That was the plan originally. No one knew it at the time, but the group was originally made for CM Punk. He would lead The Shield as they would help him in his WWE Championship run. WWE must have felt this plan was not needed, and their minor affiliation with Punk ended relatively quickly. The group managed to win the WWE Tag Team Titles, and Ambrose even won the WWE United States Title. His run is still seen as one of the longest US Title runs in WWE history.

They managed to do everything needed to stand out and were able to even beat Evolution twice on their run through the WWE. The group ended when Seth Rollins joined The Authority and attacked his Shield brothers with a chair. From then on, people wanted to know when they would reunite. However, all three men have been put into major singles roles with the WWE and even won WWE World Titles since the faction broke up. With the brand split, it made things even harder for them to join up again.

Shield triple threat
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Despite this, according to Cageside Seats, WWE is kicking around the idea of having The Shield return, even if for one night only. Due to all three finally becoming babyfaces again, it would make sense to have them return while there is a good way to do it. The problem is the timing of it all at this point. Right now, it does make sense to do it were it to happen at a dual branded event like WWE Survivor Series or WWE Royal Rumble.

The problem is that there needs to be a force that makes the trio come together. It must be one that affects both brands as it is doubtful WWE Commissioners Shane and Stephanie McMahon would allow all three of their top stars to work together even for a one-off event if there was no real reason behind doing it. Kayfabe wise, they have an investment in these men and losing them at any point due to this return would hurt their bottom line.

Some would say that WWE would want to do it for the money the group could make at the event, but we also have to bring kayfabe into this and make sense of it that way. As of now, there is no reason for them to return. Some would say that The Club also has the problem of being separated between both WWE RAW and SmackDown Live, and they could come together for a dual-branded event too, thereby giving us The Club versus The Shield for the first time.

Shield reunite for WWE RAW
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The issue with this is that it makes absolutely no sense at all. The Club was beaten just a few months ago at WWE Battleground by John Cena with partners Enzo Amore and Big Cass. Therefore, if this trio could beat The Club, what makes us think we need The Shield to return for an event in order to stop them? They have been stopped multiple times already. Plus they are not dominating the WWE right now, causing a problem in both brands.

If there were to be a Shield reunion, it would have to happen when there is a good reason behind it. Without a threatening group attacking everyone on both brands, making us need The Shield to return, why would WWE waste the return? On top of this, all three members of the group are involved in title matches most likely through the end of the year. It is also doubtful they would miss The Royal Rumble match unless one or two are a World Champion by that time. Even then, there can only be two max that would miss the event.

While WWE is certainly considering the return of The Shield, the major issue is timing at the end of the day. WWE would like to make big money on the trio coming together as there is quite a lot to be made with a one-off return. That said, we should wait until another faction comes in and starts wreaking havoc before we even consider the idea of bringing back The Shield, and even then, we should not automatically expect it.

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