Serena Williams’ Net Worth Soars Without Tennis, Boyfriend Alexis Ohanian Proves Himself Husband Material?

Serena Williams might have fallen from the world No. 1 spot, but that doesn’t mean that her net worth has taken a toll. Despite the fact that her exit from US Open 2016 came with the fact that she is now relegated to world No. 2, she has not backed down from her other commitments that keep her net worth high. On top of that, she has a boyfriend who continues to be supportive. Is Alexis Ohanian proving himself to be a husband material?

With her rankings slipping, the 34-year-old tennis player is making sure that her other ventures are doing well. She even admitted that her future lies in things that are not tennis related.

“I’m not going to play tennis forever,” she said to CNNMoney. “I know I have been playing forever, but one of these days I’m not gonna play so it’s always good to know that if I want to go to the office… I can do that.”

“It’s the best thing because it’s like I don’t really care [about the Open] because I have to make sure these girls and these amazing models look great,” she continued. “I can’t have Anna Wintour sitting in the front row saying, ‘This doesn’t look good.’ That’s always been my saving grace here.”

Turning her focus to getting her collection ready for New York Fashion Week right after US Open was a blessing in disguise for Serena Williams. Having something to do right after her loss meant that she could not dwell on it and had to quickly move onto something that gave her joy.

The fact that her fashion show was a smashing success meant that she got a nice ego boost. Her boyfriend Alexis Ohanian was there to support her, as well. He even pinned her photo on top of her Twitter, proving himself to be a husband material.

“The 34-year-old professional athlete looked fierce as she strutted her stuff down the runway for her runway show as part of New York Fashion Week on Tuesday,” reports Daily Mail. “No doubt it was a big moment in her career off the court a she unveiled the Diamonds Unleashed for Serena Williams collection for Spring 2017.”

Now that her show and tennis commitment are out of the way, the tennis player is taking some well-deserved break time. Getting into the holiday mindset also meant that she was inspired to post one of her famous bikini pictures.

..... And the girl who never took a vacation took one day off...and then she came back

A photo posted by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on

She also seems to have a photographer who is willing to capture her at her most relaxed state. Whether her boyfriend tagged along for the holidays or she has a loyal friend taking amazing pictures for her Instagram, Serena is looking more radiant than ever.

She is probably trying her hardest to forget the fact that her loss in the US Open means that she has to work harder than ever.

“U.S. Open champion Angelique Kerber officially became the oldest woman to debut at No. 1 in the WTA rankings, ending Serena Williams’ record-tying run of 186 consecutive weeks in the top spot,” reports the Denver Post. “Monday’s rankings are the first since February 2013 without Williams at No. 1. The 28-year-old Kerber’s rise from No. 2 was assured when Williams lost in the semifinals at Flushing Meadows.”

Whatever her state of tennis career or net worth may be, it is true that things with Alexis Ohanian are getting more serious. He now regularly mentions her in his Twitter account, commemorating her successes and media appearances.

Do you think Serena Williams sees her boyfriend as her future husband? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Charles Krupa/AP Images]