Bill Walton Book Deal: NBA Legend To Write Memoir

Bill Walton has a book deal that will allow fans of the NBA Hall of Fame player turned announcer an inside look at his life and struggles off the court.

The Bill Walton book deal was announced Wednesday, an agreement with Simon & Schuster on a memoir that is set to be released in the fall of next year, The Associated Press reported.

The book, tentatively titled Back From the Dead, will reportedly cover the breadth of Bill Walton’s career, from his days at UCLA to his time in the NBA. It will also cover his personal struggles, like his work to overcome a stutter and become an NBA broadcaster as well as details about the collapsed spine that left him barely able to move for three years, USA Today reported.

Bill Walton’s book deal also comes with some help. The 59-year-old Walton got assistance from veteran sportswriter John Papanek, who co-wrote the book.

Known during his career as “Big Red,” Walton became known for his tough play on the court and alternative lifestyle off of it. Walton embraced the counter-culture of the 1960s and gained a reputation as a devoted fan of bands like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and the Allman Brothers Band. But his biggest love is the Grateful Dead, having attended more than 650 concerts and even traveling with the band to Egypt for a 1978 performance.


Financial terms of Bill Walton’s book deal were not disclosed, The Associated Press noted. For the book, Walton was represented by Washington attorney, who has had a range of high-powered clients including President Barack Obama and singer Barbara Streisand.