‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’: Version-Exclusives And More Revealed By Pokemon’s Official Site!

Hold onto your Nintendo 3DSes, Pokemon fans: the Pokemon Sun and Moon hype train is chugging along at a breakneck speed, and this morning’s huge news from the Pokemon Company itself piles on the things fans of the games have to be excited about. The news, released just minutes ago, comes in the form of a trailer posted to Pokemon’s official YouTube channel. It details a variety of shocking new reveals, including multiple new Pokemon and several new Pokemon Sun and Moon features.

The first new Pokemon revealed is Passimian, who is a black and white fighting type monkey Pokemon. Passimian walks around on all fours and holds a green ball in one of its paws. The Pokemon throws the ball to attack. Passimian is given the all-new ability “Receiver,” which allows the Pokemon to acquire its ally’s ability if the ally faints while both it and Passimian are on the field (think double battle).

Passimian’s reveal is exciting not only because it is a new Pokemon, but also because its appearance goes one step further in confirming the Chinese Leak covered multiple times by the Inquisitr. The leak said Pokemon Sun and Moon would introduce a Pokemon based on a “rugby monkey.” No one seemed exactly sure what a rugby monkey was, but Passimian’s hunched-forward position and possession of a green ball the approximate size of a rugby ball suggests that, whatever a rugby monkey is, Passimian is one of them.

The second Pokemon introduced, Oranguru, is also based on a monkey and looks a lot like Passimian. The Pokemon’s fur is purple and white, and it holds a palm frond in one hand. Oranguru has the unique ability “Instruct,” which allows it to dodge attacks made by its ally that would otherwise hit all Pokemon on the battlefield.

One might assume Oranguru was intended to be an evolution of Passimian if their typings were the same because of how similar their appearances are. Whereas Passimian is a pure fighting type, Oranguru is a normal/psychic type, the first since generation two’s Girafarig. A fairly useful typing, really, considering that the psychic typing negates the fighting weakness brought on by the normal typing, and the normal typing negates the psychic typing’s ghost weakness.

It seems more likely that, since both Oranguru and Passimian are based on monkeys, they are version-exclusive Pokemon. It should also be noted that Passimian’s reveal in the trailer is superimposed over an image of the sun and Oranguru’s reveal over an image of the moon, strengthening the idea that only Pokemon Sun players can catch the former and only Pokemon Moon players can catch the latter.

The third and fourth Pokemon revealed are technically one species of Pokemon, but they are two different forms. Lycanroc is the evolution of Rockruff, the normal rock type.

One of Lycanroc’s forms, called its “midday form” in the trailer, is exclusive to Pokemon Sun and looks like a more traditional wolf. It is pure rock type and can have the abilities “Keen Eye” and “Sand Rush.”

Lycanroc’s other form, called its “midnight form,” is exclusive to Pokemon Moon. Its coat is red, white, and black, it stands on two legs, and it is also pure rock type. It can have the abilities “Keen Eye” and “Vital Spirit.”

So much news about version-exclusive Pokemon is exciting, as no version exclusives other than the two UB-02 forms were known before this.

Also announced were the inclusion of lots more trainer fashion customization in Pokemon Sun and Moon, a new in-game Pokemon grooming system called “Pokemon refresh,” and exclusive Z-moves for Pikachu and Eevee called “Catastropika” and “Extreme Evoboost,” respectively.

This comes on the heels of some utterly game-changing news regarding strange new Pokemon, the inclusion of the Aether Foundation, and the new concept of ultra beasts in Pokemon Sun and Moon, a news dump about which Game Xplain went into great detail in its extremely well-done two-part analysis video.

Now that this exciting new batch of news has been released, it is only a matter of time before eagle-eyed Pokemon superfans like those at Game Xplain or those right here at the Inquisitr dive deeper into the trailer and pick out more revealing clues that will give fans a better picture of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Keep checking back for such information as it comes.

According to Pokemon’s official site, new Pokemon Sun and Moon information will be coming on October 4 at 9 a.m. EST.

And as always, train on, Pokemon fans!

[Featured Image by Junko Kimura/Getty Images]