Google’s 2016 Nexus Successor: Pixel XL Phone Leak, Announcement Coming In October

Google's Nexus Phone

Google’s own-brand handsets have always had a small fan following but haven’t managed to garner the level of attention received by Apple or Samsung’s alternatives. However, Google looks set to change that this year by dropping the Nexus branding from its mobile devices and opting instead for the Pixel branding used by its laptop and tablet. It now appears that the company is ready to spill all in terms of the new handsets too.

According to Digital Spy, Google took to Twitter to confirm that an announcement around their latest handset is coming on October 4. The short teaser appears to show Google’s iconic search bar transforming into a phone, alongside that aforementioned reveal date. That being said, Google appears to be taking something of a playful approach with the reveal of its latest handset, with that aforementioned teaser running with a background track of “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone.

Google has had that October 4 event penned for a little while now and has been widely expected to show off its latest mobile handsets in San Francisco. Google is also expected to unveil their handsets in a similar way to what Apple did this month, providing a close release date and immediately opening pre-orders for the new devices.

That being said, it doesn’t look like fans of Google will have to wait until October to see the new devices, with the most substantial leaks yet appearing online. According to Android Authority, two new leaked photographs appear to show the Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones side by side. The devices appear to follow the design ethos of Android manufacturer HTC’s phones, which further substantiates previous rumours that this year’s Google designed phones will be manufactured by HTC.

The leaked photographs also appear to confirm that the Pixel phone will come in two size variants. The standard Pixel will come with a 5-inch display, whilst the Pixel XL will offer a 5.5-inch variant. At the same time, the two devices are expected to vary in terms of specs, with the larger model expected to pack a more powerful processor over its smaller brother. Otherwise, the devices appear to be largely similar in nature.


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Google typically reveals most of its new products across either September or October. With that in mind, the October 4 event is also likely to see Google revealing a host of other new products. Expected to make an appearance yet is another new model of the incredibly popular Chromecast, but with this year’s model offering 4K support. Google has so far had a good deal of success with its Chromecast, especially in comparison to the alternative offered by their main competitor Apple, which was forced to reduce the price of its Apple TV last year.

Also poised to make an appearance at this year Google event is a new iteration of the Nexus 7. The first and second iterations have provided Apple’s tablets with a good deal of competition, which is a success that Google is looking to imitate with a new Nexus 7 manufactured by Huawei.

Google has plenty in the pipeline in terms of new product launches this autumn. However, undeniably their most exciting upcoming product are those aforementioned Pixel phones. With Apple recently receiving a good deal of criticism for its most recent iPhone reveal, Google will be hoping to pick up users disenchanted with Apple’s latest offering. In ditching the Nexus brand, Google will be hoping to bring a new lease on life to their devices.

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]