Last Photos Of Aurora Shooting Victim Veronica Moser-Sullivan Stolen

The last photos of the youngest Aurora shooting victim, Veronica Moser-Sullivan, have been stolen from her grandfather’s house, adding another spike in the heart of a man who lost his grandchild and almost lost his daughter-in-law as well.

Robert Sullivan, grandfather of six-year-old Veronica, is now pleading with the thief to bring back the storage card that contains the last pictures of Veronica, reports The Seattle Times. Sullivan stated:

“They’re the last photos I have of her.”

Sullivan-Moser was among 12 victims of alleged shooter James Holmes, who is accused of rampaging a movie theater during the premier of The Dark Knight Rises, wounding 58 more.

Four cameras were stolen from Sullivan’s house, including one with a memory card containing more than 40 photos of little Veronica Moser-Sullivan at a school celebration, with others showing her at a playground.

In his plea, Robert Sullivan stated that all he cares about is getting the memory card back, even if the thief chooses to keep the cameras. The thefts also include a coin collection and cash. Police spokesman Lieutenant Matthew Murray, stated:

“It’s such an unfortunate thing. To be struck twice by a tragedy is so hard. There’s somebody out there who knows something.”

The Denver Post notes that the youngest Aurora shooting victim’s grandparents were absent from their home for about 45 minutes on Tuesday, and, in that time, thieves used a window to break into the home and steal the cameras along with the precious photos of Veronica Moser-Sullivan.

Sullivan doesn’t believe the burglars meant to take the photos and are hoping that either they or someone they know will recognize the pictures of Veronica and return the memory cards to him. Veronica’s grandfather stated:

“The pictures hold special significance. She was a beautiful, special little 6-year-old girl, so angelic, and just a terrible loss.”

While Robert Sullivan used to empathize with people who lost their children and grandchildren, he never expected to live through it himself. Robert Sullivan stated:

“I look at what happened here today and it’s just another spike in the heart. And my heart has been torn apart.”

Veronica Moser-Sullivan’s mother, Ashley Moser, continues to recover from bullet wounds in her neck and stomach, which ultimately caused her to lose a second child through a miscarriage.