Flying Lotus Makes Hillary Clinton Joke About Her Oral Sex Skills, Scoffs At Sexism Accusations

Flying Lotus tells Hillary Clinton joke

Flying Lotus may be known as a progressive hip-hop producer, but a Hillary Clinton joke that mocked her “blowjob” abilities as detrimental to her presidential resumé has riled up liberal fans.

While performing at the legendary Fox Theater in Oakland on Friday, Flying Lotus put aside a moment for banter with the audience — during which he delivered the controversial Hillary joke. Starting out with a monologue bashing Donald Trump, the rapper/producer quickly turned his sights toward the Republican nominee’s opponent.

Though such a move might usually sit well with Hillary supporters, his joke focused not on her leaderships skills but rather his perceived lack of her skills in the bedroom — alluding to former president Bill Clinton’s infidelity.

“I couldn’t possibly vote for a woman that doesn’t give an awesome blowjob.”

Despite the fact that Flying Lotus followed up the joke by saying that he would “vote for [Hillary’s] a** anyway,” the jab at Clinton did not sit well with her supporters.

Several fans at the show tweeted their displeasure with the comments about Hillary, a number of them even saying they left because of the Clinton joke.

As the media storm brewed over the weekend, many expected the artist to come forward to ask for forgiveness or, at the very least, clarify. Instead, on Monday, Flying Lotus responded to the backlash with a clear message: He does not care if you are offended by his Hillary Clinton jokes.

Not only does he not care, he says that making such remarks about Hillary in front of his fans are a sign of intimacy. Clinton jokes, he says, are a way of “treating fans like family.”

Fans were split about the way Flying Lotus chose to double down in the issue. On some counts, it looks like some of his admirers found the joke disrespectful, if not specifically to Hillary then to women in general. Others knocked his Clinton moment as juvenile.

Still, that’s not to say everyone was upset. With such a divided presidential race, there were, of course, people happy to see Hillary get torn apart in any way possible. Also chiming in to defend Flying Lotus’ Clinton joke was the usual social media chorus speaking out against rampant political correctness.

Flying Lotus may have even more up his sleeve than crude jokes about Hillary. He closed off his “no apologies” message by chuckling to himself about how these critics would react to his upcoming full-length feature film Kuso, which features tunes by electronic music legend Aphex Twin, reported Resident Advisor.

When the offending Hillary Clinton joke was delivered, Flying Lotus was performing at Brainfeeder — two-nights of funk and hip-hop featuring George Clinton, Shabazz Palaces, Thundercat, and the Gaslamp Killer, reported SF Gate.

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan and Bryan Bedder/Getty Images]