Orlando Bloom Sex Tape? Releases Personal Video With Katy Perry?

Did Orlando Bloom really post a sex tape of him and Katy Perry on his secret Instagram account? The actor showed fans that he still has a sense of humor after his nude photo scandal.

No sex tape here! Orlando Bloom, 39, was only poking fun at his nude photo scandal on his newly public Instagram account. On Saturday, September 3, Bloom made a joke about those nude photos on his Italian beach getaway by posting a “sex tape” to his Instagram. And now that his account is open to the public, the rest of Bloom’s fans can check it out for themselves. But, don’t get carried away. Bloom only posted a photo of a roll of tape, reported the Hollywood Life.

my sex tape ????

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Orlando gave fans a heart attack when he posted a photo of a roll of scotch tape with the word “sex” scrawled across it. He captioned the photo, “My sex tape,” along with a video camera emoji. This isn’t the only time that Orlando has poked fun at his nude photos on Instagram. On Thursday, September 15, he posted a slow-motion video of himself running towards the camera.

“When you are chasing down the guy who stole your swimming trunks,” he captioned the post. But, in the post, Bloom was actually wearing his shorts.

when you are chasing down the guy who stole your swimming trunks

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On Thursday, the actor posted the words “I caved” when he opened up his account to his fans and the general public. His ex-wife, Miranda Kerr, commented “nice one” underneath the post.

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In case you forgot, Orlando was caught in his birthday suit while on vacation with girlfriend Katy Perry. Both the British and the American media posted the photos of Orlando buck naked and paddle boarding as Katy sat in the front in a tie-dye bikini. Those photos immediately went viral on social media and fans were happy to see that the star was well-endowed. Orlando’s Instagram account mostly includes photos of him and his son Flynn, but it does include one video of Katy that was recently shot at Burning Man Festival, notes The Mirror.

a burn thru the burn????black rock city????????

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Orlando Bloom also revealed something else on his Instagram page. He is now a platinum blond. The Pirate of the Caribbean star showed off his new lighter look on Instagram on Friday, September 16. Bloom’s new look is for his upcoming HBO mockumentary Tour De Pharmacy. He previously rocked the blond look when he wore blond wigs for his role as Legolas in The Lord of The Rings franchise.

back to blond...rolling to set...

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According to Page Six, Katy Perry approves of Orlando’s new look. She commented the slang word “scccccurrrrttttt” under the above photo and then wrote “Dilf” in another clip that not only showed off his blond hair, but also his strong physique.

he's a shaolin master imma have to practice lots to keep up ????????

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The clip is from kung fu session in China on Sunday, September 18. In the above video, Bloom is seen being blocked, punched, and wrestled with a “Shaolin master” while inside a Shanghai gym. The British tabloid noted that Bloom’s new look kind of makes him look like his arch nemesis Justin Bieber. Bloom’s makeover and new martial art stunts are for his upcoming role in Smart Chase: Fire & Earth.

The 2017 movie is being filmed by Kevin Bernhardt and will also feature Simon Yam, according to the report. In the meantime, Orlando will also star opposite Malin Akerman in Joe Swanberg’s eight-episode series, Easy, which begins streaming on Thursday, September 22 on Netflix. Orlando is set to make his comeback as he no longer wants to be known just as Katy Perry’s boyfriend these days.

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