‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Paul Questions Nicole About Frankie Grande, James Divulges Info About Caleb Reynolds And 2nd Stint On ‘Survivor,’ James Eavesdrops On Nicole And Paul’s Final Two Talk

Big Brother 18 houseguest Paul asked Nicole about her relationship with Frankie Grande of BB16, James confirmed Caleb filmed another season of Survivor, and James eavesdropped on Paul and Nicole as they discussed final two speeches.

Only three people are left in the Big Brother 18 house, so live feeds have been filled with game plans, speech preparation, and final two discussions, but very little drama. When the game of Big Brother is not the topic of their conversations, things tangential to the game are.

On Monday morning, Paul Abrahamian, Nicole Franzel, and James Huling lounged in the backyard of the Big Brother 18 house, shooting the breeze and talking about things like former Big Brother 16 houseguest Frankie Grande, as well as his fellow cast member Caleb Reynolds and his stint on the CBS reality show Survivor.

At one point, however, James exited the discussion and was busy inside the house – or so Paul and Nicole thought – as instead, James had perched himself by the sliding glass door to listen to Paul and Nicole talk about their final two speeches.

The current status in the Big Brother 18 house is that Paul won the first part of the final Head of Household (HOH) competition, according to Joker’s Updates. Subsequently, Nicole won the second part of the challenge against James. Paul and Nicole will now go head-to-head in the third and final part of the competition and whoever is victorious will choose which player he or she desires to sit next to and face the jury in the final two.

On September 19, at around 11:26 a.m. Big Brother 18 house time, Paul could be heard on CBS All Access live feeds asking Nicole if she’s still in touch with her fellow Big Brother 16 housemate, Frankie Grande. She noted they are not on “bad terms” and she can talk to him whenever she wants to.

James shouted, “Do you got [sic] his cell phone number?” to which Nicole replied, “Absolutely.”

On live feeds, Paul inquired as to whether he could meet Frankie and Nicole said he will probably be present at the Big Brother 18 finale Wednesday. Paul further noted that singer Ariana Grande, Frankie’s mega popstar sister, once lived near him.

Nicole also praised Frankie, calling him “cool” and “unique,” adding there is no one else like him. Paul asked Nicole why no one liked Frankie, but she argued that wasn’t true. She then added, “I don’t know… I’m not getting into it.”

Frankie was recently a cast member on the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother and generally got along well with his fellow houseguests, although he had a few run-ins with one of the British cast members, Stephen Bear, who riled up most of the other players with his outrageous antics, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

During the course of the Big Brother 18 live feed conversation, Nicole asked James, “So, you said Caleb’s on… right now, Survivor?” James answered, “Yep.” Nicole further inquired, “So, it’s already filmed and he’s back home?” and James again quipped, “Yep.”

Paul asked, “Wait… so, he’s been on it [Survivor] twice now?” James answered, “Yes.” Nicole then noted how good Caleb was as a Survivor cast member.

Caleb was part of the Beauty Tribe on the thirty-second season of the show, Survivor: Kaoh Rong – Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty. Caleb had been doing quite well at meshing with his tribe and winning physical challenges, but during one competition, it became so hot that a number of cast members became dehydrated and passed out in the sand.

Survivor physicians examined each player and determined Caleb’s issue was so severe, he required more treatment, so he was airlifted from the location to a hospital. Earlier this year, Caleb spoke with People about the incident, noting he was in an intensive care unit for five days following his evacuation.

About an hour after the Caleb discussion, at 12:43 p.m., James could be seen on live feeds from inside the Big Brother 18 house eavesdropping on Paul and Nicole as they discussed their final speeches to jury members in the backyard.

This must clearly have rattled James, as he seems to believe Nicole will take him to the final two if she wins part three of the last HOH competition.

The more Paul and Nicole discussed final two thinking James was out of earshot, the more it seemed Nicole will choose Paul if she wins the final challenge and he will choose her if he has the opportunity to do so. This seemed to be solidified when Paul told Nicole during the Big Brother 18 live feed conversation he’d be proud to lose to her and she reiterated the same sentiment.

In the meantime, there is only one more episode of Big Brother 18, the 90-minute finale airing Wednesday, September 21 at 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS.

Only a week later, on Wednesday, September 28 at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, the all-digital online version of the show, Big Brother: Over the Top, will begin streaming on CBS All Access.

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