Blind Item Report Claims ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Star Ray J Was Cheating On Princess Love At Chris Brown’s House

Blind Item Report Claims 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Star Ray J Was Cheating On Princess Love At Chris Brown's House

Ray J claimed to have settled down his wild ways prior to marrying Princess Love but it looks like that may not be the case. A recently released blind item report from Crazy Days Crazy Nights claims that the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star may not have been getting a tattoo at Chris Brown’s house during the recent police standoff after all. Instead, the report says that Ray J was busy getting busy with two different women when police came knocking.

Fans of the hit VH1 reality TV show will recall that Ray J was on hand when police showed up at Chris Brown’s house. The whole incident came about when a former beauty pageant winner claimed that Brown pulled a gun on her and ordered her out of his house during a party he was throwing back in August.

The report reads as follows.

“Lost in all of the Chris Brown drama is the newly married celebrity/singer/sex tape star who was in bed with two naked women, not his wife when all of this went down.

Ray J

Chris Brown refused to let police inside his home, insisting that they get a warrant. The standoff continued for 14 hours while police worked on getting a search warrant before entering the Tarzana home.

Ray J was present during the altercation and according to a prior report by the Inquisitr, he claimed to be getting a tattoo when all the chaos went down. Hours later, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star emerged from the house and was forced to take an Uber home because police detained his car as evidence.

Ray J reportedly left Chris Brown’s house with a female companion but never did comment on who she was. He did say that he was at Brown’s home on business and that the two were collaborating on a project together.

In the wake of the Chris Brown standoff, Ray J did comment on the situation and defended Brown, saying that he was set up during a social media video posted to Instagram. He did not comment on who the female was that left the home with him but it most definitely was not Princess Love.

Now there is a shocking report that claims Ray J was not necessarily getting tattooed while the partied went on inside Chris’ house. Instead, there are claims that Ray J was busy having a threesome with two different women, an indication that he hasn’t really settled down even though he got married to Princess Love over the summer.

This wouldn’t be the first time fingers were pointed at the “Wait A Minute” singer over possible infidelity during their relationship. Many LHHH fans will remember their infamous New Orleans fight where Princess attacked Ray J in their hotel room after fighting with him about his recent visit to a Nola strip club. Love was arrested after she left Ray J with broken ribs, a torn ACL, and a bloodied face.

After the incident and leading up to their wedding, Ray J promised his new wife that he was done with his wild partying ways. During an episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, he even agreed to give up his own apartment in order to prove his love and devotion to her. The apartment had admittedly been a party pad for the musician turned reality star and he had reportedly used it to get away from Princess Love because, by his own admission, he wasn’t ready to grow up yet.

It looks like Ray J may still not be grown up enough to walk away from other women and if the blind item report is true, he is still cheating on Princess love. Despite the cheating allegations before and now after the blind item report claims that he was engaged in a threesome inside Chris Brown’s house, neither Ray J or Princess Love has bothered to comment on the situation.

Will these new claims that Ray J was cheating on Princess Love at Chris Brown’s house cause marriage trouble for the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood couple? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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