Happy Birthday Adam West! Pow! Zap! ‘Batman’ is HOW old?!

The original Batman, Adam West, is celebrating his 88th birthday today and Batman fans took to Twitter to give Adam a birthday shout out.

Even musician and Gilmore Girls rocker Sebastian Bach got in on wishing West a “happy birthday”:

While fans teased the 88-year-old West a little about his age, some might have wondered if someone as old as Adam would even know what Twitter is. Well, surprise Batman fans! Adam West not only knows what Twitter is, but he also has his own account.

So what exactly does Batman do for his birthday? According to Adam West, he’s working on his tan.

West also shared a picture on his Twitter and Facebook of himself looking mighty spry as he stood in front of the entrance to a bat sanctuary.

It’s hard to believe that West is 88-year-old. The veteran actor still keeps busy in Hollywood with guest appearances on shows like Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, and King of Queens and voice over work. Adam West previously tried to shake the Batman image by taking on some questionable roles, including a stint in the erotic movie Young Lady Chatterley II. Similar to William Shatner and his up and down relationship with the role of “Captain Kirk,” however, West eventually accepted his Batman notoriety and embraced it for what it was worth.

West has been performing as “Mayor Adam West” on Family Guy since 2000, and as previously reported by Inquisitr, Adam, former “Robin” Burt Ward, and the former “Catwoman” Julie Newmar leant their voices to the upcoming animated Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders.

Burt Ward, Adam West, Julie Newmar at comicon 2014.Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Burt Ward, Adam West, Julie Newmar at comicon 2014. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Batman: Return of the Caped Crusader is said to be an animated version of the 60s version of the show. Though some fans of Batman cringe at the cheesiness of the original Batman, it’s notoriety also has made Adam West a legend in the world of comicons and fan fests everywhere.

While Adam West had previously discussed the frustration of being typecast as “Batman” making it difficult for him to be taken seriously in other roles, Adam acknowledged during an Emmy’s archive interview that the Batman role gave West the opportunity to do some incredible things including driving the Batmobile and bringing joy to people all over the world by bringing one of the most recognizable superheroes to life.

“I’ll probably be remembered as ‘Batman,’ mostly,” West acknowledged. “It’s okay with me because it’s given so many people worldwide so much pleasure. Many actors don’t get the opportunity to do that.”

Ironically, Adam West’s 88th birthday also happens to coincide with another Batman event. Young Bruce Wayne (who grows up to become Batman) returns to television tonight with the season premiere of Gotham on Fox. According to CinemaBlend, with the uprising of villains on the show, Season 3 may be the catalyst for Wayne’s transition into the caped crusader. There’s no word on whether or not Adam West would be tapped for a cameo of sorts to mark the occasion but Batman fans undoubtedly wouldn’t be opposed to it.

While West probably isn’t actually tanning today, it’s surprising he hasn’t been tapped to come hang out with fellow birthday boy Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Imagine what a glorious ‘Robin’ Jimmy could play to Adam’s ‘Batman’ in some quirky little birthday comedy sketch.

[Featured image by AP Photo/Mark Elias]