Kardashian Baby Daddy Scandal: Blac Chyna Caught Red-Handed, Secret Cell Phone, Cheating On Rob

Will Rob Kardashian leave Blac Chyna before the baby is born? Blac Chyna has been caught red-handed, withholding a secret cell phone she has been using to talk to singer Pilot Jones.

Radar Online reported that Rob Kardashian now has proof of Blac Chyna’s betrayal after finding a secret cell phone. However, sources close to the Kardashians told Radar that he has not done anything about it yet.

“He is just in complete denial right now.”

Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s spin-off reality TV show Rob & Chyna premiered on E! last week.


In previews for the show, Blac is seen accusing Rob of “still texting b*****s” when in reality, she was the one cheating.

The Inquisitr reported that Rob Kardashian’s sisters hired a private investigator to uncover the truth. The family has doubted that Blac Chyna’s unborn child is even Rob’s to begin with after continued speculation of infidelity on her part.


Apparently, Blac Chyna tried to initially tell Rob that the cell phone he had found belonged to a friend.

“Of course she denied that it was hers and she told him that it belonged to a friend.”

Kardashian didn’t buy it, though, and it turns out, his intuitions were correct.

“But when turned the phone on she had a photo of her son King Cairo on the screen!”

Radar reportedly read the secret text messages between Blac Chyna and Pilot Jones – messages that were sent within the past couple of weeks.

There were also reportedly photos of the pair kissing and caressing one another.

“Blac Chyna is always doing shady things like this and he has not trusted her fully for quite some time.”

“But despite it all he is still madly in love with her.”

Blac Chyna is seen on Rob & Chyna fighting with Rob quite frequently, kicking him out of the house and accusing him of messing around behind her back.

Rob became noticeably jealous and irritated when he tried to look at his fiance’s phone, only to discover that she had changed the passcode. Chyna had been getting texts late at night and Rob was beginning to question her fidelity.

“Who do you think I’m texting?… I’m four months pregnant.”

Chyna has been filmed making fun of Rob for his close relationship with his mother, Kris Jenner. Blac Chyna was less than pleased with Rob’s inability to keep a secret from his mother regarding the pregnancy.

The Kardashian family is known for their sexual personas, social media talents, and drama, but what will the protective sisters do now that Blac Chyna has been caught red-handed with a secret cell phone?

Chyna quickly inserted herself into the Kardashian family after becoming engaged to Rob, forcing the Kardashian sisters to accept her as one of their own.

Rob was obviously a willing participant, as according to the Daily Beast, he spent the last few years “gaining weight and shutting himself out from the outside world.”

The Kardashian sisters initially doubted Blac Chyna’s intentions with their brother Rob, but once they learned she was pregnant, they put all bad feelings aside in the name of family.

Blac Chyna’s engagement and pregnancy with Rob Kardashian has landed her a reality TV show and months of free press coverage to promote it. Not bad, eh?

Now, with no one sure if the baby is even really a Kardashian, where does Blac Chyna’s relationship with the Kardashian/Jenner family lie?

Do you think Rob Kardashian will leave Blac Chyna before the baby is born?

What will happen to all of Blac Chyna’s post-baby plastic surgery plans? The future Mrs. Kardashian might be in for a rude awakening.


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