WWE News: WWE Reports Signing Of The Miz To ‘Smackdown Live’

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Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live are competing against one another, whether WWE fans want to admit it or not. Vince McMahon’s infamous words after he bought out WCW was that if he didn’t have any competition, then he’ll create competition internally. He did, and that’s where the brand split and WWE Draft were born. Future WWE Hall of Famers were made because of the brand split, but it also made dream match-ups non-existent.

On the blue brand, Paul Heyman was able to garner five superstars who needed a chance to break out on their own. Men like Edge, Chris Benoit, Brock Lesnar, Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle dominated the wrestling scene. Smackdown Live even beat its counterpart WWE Raw on multiple occasions. It got to the point where McMahon was jealous of how good Heyman was writing Smackdown. He sent Heyman down to Ohio Valley Wrestling, where he was made a talent developer, rather than a writer.

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Fast-forward a decade, and the WWE is in a brand split once again. It was done this time to make all the shows more entertaining. WWE superstars were being hung out to dry, and they weren’t given proper direction with only one show taking over two nights. Guys like Heath Slater and the Miz weren’t properly treated when it was the Raw Supershow. In fact, that’s when the WWE was at its worst in this writer’s opinion.

Speaking of the Miz, he’s arguably the best talent in all of the WWE, but more so on Smackdown Live. Right after his huge promo on Daniel Bryan, his stock shot up the charts, and WWE Creative began to book him around his contract struggles and the tension between him and Bryan. Miz even teased that he will leave Smackdown Live if they don’t come to an agreement on his contract. In a new report by DailyWrestlingNews.com, the WWE storyline regarding the Miz took a huge turn Monday.

“The contract storyline between Bryan and WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz continues today as WWE just announced that the two have come to terms on a new deal. As noted, Miz announced last week that he wanted a better deal and Bryan agreed to enter into negotiations as he wanted to keep the title on Tuesday nights.”

Just a few days ago, it didn’t seem like the Miz was going to return to Tuesday nights. Bryan tweeted this out after the two sides weren’t agreeing entirely to the contract presented by the WWE:

In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, the idea of the Miz getting traded to WWE Raw was being considered. Truthfully, that would have been a horrible idea, and the Miz needs to do whatever he can to remain on Smackdown Live. He’s doing the best work of his career, and it’s not even close. Even when Miz was the WWE champion, followed by a WrestleMania main event, his work wasn’t this good.

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There’s no doubting the improvement the Miz has had recently. Maryse, his wife, definitely helps improve his look and finalizes the character. Behind a good man is an even better woman, so Jerry Lawler likes to say. A valet is very important to complete the look.

WWE fans are very lucky to see the Miz doing so well. He’s been giving it his all, and WWE’s Smackdown Live is reaping all the benefits. They’re very close to beating WWE Raw in the ratings. Hopefully, McMahon doesn’t repeat what happened 10 years ago and raid their talent.

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