‘Destiny’ Receives Final Patches Ahead Of ‘Rise Of Iron’ Launch

Destiny: Rise of Iron Flaming Axe (Bungie)

The launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron is just around the corner, and Bungie released two new patches for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Monday as part of final preparations. The patches don’t necessarily fix any major issues but do provide a little final prep as the expansion launch waits in the wings.

The and updates to Destiny are available to download for both the PS4 and Xbox One. The first update fixes some audio issues, gear missing Kiosks, and quests not tracking properly. The second patch addresses the film grain look that was inadvertently added to Destiny with the 2.4.0 update and corrects the fast revive times that were also accidentally added.

Here are the complete patch notes as shared on the Bungie Help page. — The one before Rise of Iron.


  • Fixed an issue where gear was not showing up properly in Kiosks
  • Fixed an issue where audio could cut out during long sessions
  • Added localization updates for Rise of Iron content


  • Fixed an issue with quest tracking not functioning properly on Cosmodrome and Mars
  • Fixed an issue with quest tracking not functioning properly for City Tower or City Tower NPCs


  • Fixed an issue with the volume of certain Shaxx lines

And as part of a dual deployment… – The one about Film Grain.


  • Fixed an issue where Film Grain was inadvertently added
  • Fixed an issue that shortened the revive interaction time and extended revive distance to pre 2.0 values

Update: Lord Saladin is ready for the launch of Rise of Iron, courtesy of Impact Props.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is set to launch tomorrow, September 19 at 5 a.m. ET / 2 a.m. PT. The good news is you are already ready to go with the new content if you purchased the expansion. The 2.4.0 update released on September 8 contains all the content for Rise of Iron so you have it whether you’ve bought into Destiny Year Three or not.

As previously covered, The SIVA plague has returned, and Saladin seeks the help of the player and other Guardians to stop it. This unlocks all the new adventures for PS4 and Xbox One gamers starting with a mission to free Felwinters Peak, the new social area for Destiny Year Three and home to the Iron Lords.

This naturally also unlocks all the new story missions, Strikes, sets of weapons and armor, and more for Destiny players to obtain. As previously covered, this includes a five-mission campaign for Rise of Iron which then opens up additional missions, quests, an all-new Strike, and the Archon’s Forge co-op arena.

Lord Saladin will drive the new campaign, similar to how Cayde-6 and Eris Morn drove the story of The Taken King through cut-scenes and in-game communications.

Destiny: Rise of Iron (PS4, Xbox One)

The Archon’s Forge arena fits somewhere in between Prison of Elders and the Court of Oryx. This is a player-triggered event which can be done with a fireteam and other random players in a five-minute, wave-based encounter. Players will battle Fallen enemies throughout the arena during the encounter until the boss round. Beating the boss result in Forge-exclusive loot.

The Wretched King is the name of the all new Strike and will send Guardians into old missile silos located in the Plaguelands. The Strike will offer players different paths to take as they come upon different doors through the silos. Each path contains a unique set of enemies to defeat to reach the boss fight.

In addition to the new Strike, Bungie is remixing two existing Strikes for Destiny: Rise of Iron. The existing Devil’s Lair is being upgraded to Sepiks Perfected with new Splicer enemies. Meanwhile, The Summoning Pits gets Abomination Heist as a new spin. Both remade Strikes will receive a new story thread and dialogue between the Guardian, their Ghost, and others.

Strikes will receive another twist when Rise of Iron releases. Playlists and Nightfalls will sometimes reward a Skeleton Key when completing a Strike. This can be used to open a chest that spawns at the conclusion of the activity to receive unique loot from that Strike. This allows players to decide which Strike-specific loot they want to shoot for.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid (PS4, Xbox One)Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid (PS4, Xbox One)

Details on the new Raid for Destiny are still thin, but Bungie did share a name along with some other details. The new end-game event will release on September 23 and is called Wrath of the Machine. It is loaded with outdoor settings and “memorable boss fights” that focus on keeping the players mobile. One example of this has already been teased with images of the “Death Zamboni” chasing players across a wall.

In addition to the above, Destiny: Rise of Iron will have the following.

  • Festival of the Light special event
  • Sparrow Racing League returning in December
  • Four Crucible maps
  • New Supremacy PVP mode
  • Reinvented Iron Banner
  • Light cap raised to 400
  • New “Ornaments” armor and weapon customizations that can be earned in-game or purchased through micro-transactions

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