Rosie Pierri Learns Teresa Giudice Is Done: Her Heartbreaking Response After ‘RHONJ’

Rosie Pierri has decided to return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey this season, because she wants to work out her issues with Teresa Giudice. Last season, Rosie and Teresa were not getting along, as Giudice was getting ready to serve her time behind bars at the Danbury Correctional Facility. She was expected to serve just over 13 months, but she was released after serving short of one year. When she was released, she decided to focus on her husband and her children, and Rosie decided it was time for her to control Teresa.

According to a new tweet, Rosie Pierri is now revealing that she was devastated after learning that her cousin saw her as a cancer in her life. On last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Rosie and Kathy Wakile decided to sit down with Teresa to work out their issues. Both Pierri and Kathy were upset that they were completely ignored by Teresa once she was released from prison, and they just wanted to move on from the drama that took place a few years ago.

Sadly, Giudice wasn’t as eager to work things out with Pierri and Wakile, and they were disappointed. They ended the dinner with a quick hug, but it sounds like she doesn’t want to work things out, so they were left saddened and disappointed. But fans watching the show wanted Rosie to push Teresa to make her realize that family comes first.

“No matter what, remember love always comes first!!!! #RHONJ,” one person wrote to Rosie Pierri after the episode aired, to which Rosie replied, “It’s true but sometimes it’s just not enough!”

“So sad, I feel ur pain, she is still focused on her own supposed fame….sad,” one person wrote to Pierri on Twitter, while another added, “That’s true. We all have problems in our family. Every family has history. I love you guys. Stay strong!!!!!”


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Of course, Rosie has been upset over the way she has been treated, as she used to be good friends with Joe Giudice. When Teresa was serving her time, they would spend time together and were friends prior to the sentencing. This season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Rosie even broke down when she learned that Joe wouldn’t be coming to poker night at Chris Laurita’s home, where she could have talked to her.

A few years ago, Pierri revealed that she was a lesbian, and many people have been hoping that she would find someone to love. But it sounds like some people are linking her sexuality to her anger in relationship to Teresa, which is something she doesn’t want. As Pierri explained on Twitter, her sexuality has nothing to do with her being a strong person.

“Oh Loooooord!!!! You do NOT piss off her f*ck with Rosie Pierri or those she loves. Period!! Just sayin’…. Loooooooove her!!! #RHONJ,” one person wrote, while another added, “She’s a tough lesbian. Lol.”

But Rosie Pierri said that her sexuality is not relevant, adding, “Im a strong person has nothing to do with my sexuality! Period!”

Pierri is heartbroken that Giudice doesn’t want to give their relationship a second try since they are indeed family. She said that she wanted to cut the cancer out, and Teresa was referring to Rosie Pierri and Kathy. That was tough to hear, and Joe Gorga was even speechless during the dinner meeting.

What do you think of Rosie Pierri’s tweets after learning that her family was falling apart? Do you understand why Teresa was upset with them, or do you think she needs to let go of the past and move forward with Rosie and Wakile?

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