Kaia Gerber On Her Supermodel Mom Cindy Crawford’s Advice, And Why They’re Basically ‘The Same Person’

Kaia Gerber thinks growing up in the spotlight is not “normal,” according to ET Online. The 15-year-old daughter of famous former supermodel Cindy Crawford has shared her own experience of growing up in front of the constant watchful eye of the media.

While attending Daily Front Row’s Fourth Annual Media Awards in New York last week, Kaia Gerber found some time to chat with ET Online and revealed that nobody ever gets used to the celebrity life filled with red carpets, photo shoots, and being famous.

Kaia Gerber, who got a huge push in her fashion career thanks to her celebrity mom Cindy Crawford, received the Model of the Year honor at this year’s Front Row Awards. And of course, her mother was there to support her.

In fact, Crawford wasn’t the only family member who came to support Kaia Gerber, as her dad Rande Gerber and brother Presley also attended the event. And the 15-year-old model admitted that her family support means a lot to her.

“We live in L.A., so for them to fly to New York and it’s a busy time this year [during New York Fashion Week]. So I am really honored that they came to support me.”

Kaia Gerber also shared a piece of modeling advice that her supermodel mother had given to her at an early age. Cindy Crawford told her daughter to “have a thought” behind every expression and every picture, so there is no blankness behind the eyes.

“You have a reason for what you’re doing.”

And although Kaia Gerber sure loves what she’s doing, she admits that finding the balance between her modeling schedule and being a “normal” modern teenager isn’t a piece of cake. The model also admits that many things that “normal” teenagers do aren’t present in her life, but it’s “worth it” to do at least some of those things.

Kaia Gerber’s modeling career has seen a huge push recently, according to E! Online. First, the daughter of Cindy Crawford was named Daily Front Row’s Breakthrough Model of the Year, and now she has become the new face of Marc Jacobs Beauty for 2017.

In her recent interview with E! Online, Kaia Gerber couldn’t contain her excitement about being named the Breakthrough Model of the Year. And although there is no doubt that Cindy Crawford takes a lot of credit for making her daughter so famous, the 15-year-old girl has worked hard to receive the honor.

Kaia Gerber admitted that she constantly asks her supermodel mom for advice, like the time in which the 50-year-old Crawford reminded her daughter of the importance of always being on time.

And while Kaia Gerber admits that her mom is her role model, it’s not exactly “specific to modeling.” The 15-year-old model revealed that she has been watching her mom both on set and in real life, and it helped her learn a lot.

But it appears that Kaia Gerber has had a huge influence on her mother as well. The mother-daughter duo has recently played a game of Would You Rather in Vogue’s Snapchat Discover, and the two gave the same answers to all of the questions.

Kaia Gerber even joked that she and her supermodel mother are “the same person.” But with such a rapid and ever-growing progress, Kaia could achieve so much more than her superstar mother has ever achieved.

Kaia Gerber has recently been named the name face of Marc Jacobs Beauty for 2017, which means the model’s career is only beginning to thrive. In her interview with Allure, the model admitted that she was very “honored and excited” about her partnership with Marc Jacobs.

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