Nevada Election Fraud, Intimidation Allegations: Dan Rolle Explains Accusations

Carla Miles

More shocking allegations of Nevada election fraud, including accusations of Democrats using a preferred technology provider that can override state voter registration data files and collusion with the Nevada Democratic Party by persons supporting Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, were explained in a video message by a former congressional candidate in Nevada's fourth district, Dan Rolle.

"It was all a coverup. It was all a little game."

The allegation Rolle makes is that from the humiliation of losing to Barack Obama in 2008, some other way had to be found to assure Hillary Clinton's success to succeed Obama.

An Inquisitr story on the current DNC email leak previously posted, where Colin Powell referred to "Hillary's Mafia," possibly reveals the former American General's disgust for the Clintons, who also apparently hate President Barack Obama per Powell's exchange with a big Democratic donor.

And now comes Rolle's charge that a technology provider, NGP VAN, likely has been helping the DNC tip the scales in Hillary Clinton's favor this election cycle. (By the way, this company states on its website that it "collects" data from visitors to its website. You can search for the website if interested, but be forewarned.)

Listed as the chief executive officer for NGP VAN, per a Bloomberg posting, is Stuart Trevelyan. According to that information, Trevelyan worked with the technology division "to build activism tools for the internet and wireless devices."

Rolle feels compelled to tell voters about his new discoveries regarding the Nevada election fraud game and not be afraid anymore, he said in the video.

"As a congressional candidate, I can get voter data from the state," Rolle tells viewers.

But it costs $15,000, paid to NGP VAN, to get what should be the same voter data. So, a question arises. Why would any candidate want to pay so much for the voter data if they can get it for free from the state?

"What I now know from the state of Nevada... NGP VAN went on a vicious campaign to get into every state party."

But Rolle explains it all in the video: the Nevada election fraud game, as he refers to the subject, is methodically laid out by him for listeners to hear. He mentions "being too timid" in his tweets, because he was "frightened." Rolle also said in the video (attached to this Nevada election fraud story below) that he was essentially threatened to quit his own pursuit for Congress.

"Someone from the office of Senator Harry Reid... sat me down and said to me 'you shouldn't run for office. Everyone has dirt. We will find your dirt. You will be so embarrassed.'"

Rolle recounts that in 2008, although Hillary Clinton beat rival Barack Obama in Nevada, charges regarding "dirty politics" arose later on, and the whole thing was embarrassing to her.

So the DNC bias charge, also observed by Chris Hayes over at MSNBC when he stated such and added that the state party in Nevada "does what Harry Reid says," which is recounted in a RealClearPolitics report, apparently can be seen by some in media covering the election this year.

Per the story over at Politico, in 2010, former DNC Chair Tim Kaine was humiliated about the big Democratic loss. Quoted was former Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman T.J. Rooney.

"He was handed what was destined to be a turd sandwich. If you're going to assess blame, it's not fair to pin it on him."

For a bit of background on the Nevada election fraud allegation, there is a Tim Hains RealClearPolitics post regarding what happened at the Democratic Party Convention in Las Vegas, when "some rules that were designed to give convention authority to the state chair" were enacted by DNC and Chair Roberta Lange (see YouTube video below, from Jason Llanes recordings, taken of DNC Chair Lange who appears to prematurely close the convention) and later challenged in court by the Sanders campaign. That challenge was denied, even though supporters had the "requisite number of signatures needed to change the rules" at the convention.

"The delegates are counted. Roberta [Lange] denies a recount, closes the convention at her discretion. She then bolts off stage. This, while being flanked by police."

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