‘Dancing With The Stars’ Rumors: Is Jake T. Austin Dating Jenna Johnson?

Jake T Austin Jenna Johnson dating

Is Dancing with the Stars contestant Jake T. Austin dating his dance pro partner, Jenna Johnson? That’s what’s buzzing around the rumor mill in Monday night TV!

Each season on DWTS, fans witness incredible chemistry between various pairs of dance partners, but these connections don’t frequently translate into something long-term. In fact, Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavek are the only two people who met on DWTS as star/pro and ended up staying together (the two got married this year).

However, Dancing with the Stars seems like a great place for people to fall in love. The art of dance is something that is electrifying. It is sensual, sexy, emotional, and obviously very physical. It’s no surprise that pros and celebs get very close each season. Even if their connection isn’t a romantic one, relationships form with incredibly strong bonds after just a few days of practicing.

This season of Dancing with the Stars is already producing sparks between Jake T. Austin and Jenna Johnson. Despite the hope you may have had after watching the two together on the premiere, Jake and Jenna are not dating, according to Bustle. In their pre-dance package that aired last week, Jake and Jenna seemed to be really into each other, giving some fans the idea that they were into each other on a romantic level.

Not only did Jenna totally fangirl over Jake (she recalled watching him on Wizards of Waverly Place), but Jake also seemed smitten with his new dance instructor. It seems clear that the two will only be getting closer as the weeks go by.

For those hoping that Jake T. Austin and Jenna Johnson would start dating on this season of Dancing with the Stars, there is something you need to know. Jake T. Austin has been dating Danielle Ceasar for several months. Ceasar was actually a huge fan of Austin’s. The two met online and decided to meet in person after hitting it off.

“We’re young and having fun just getting to know each other. It doesn’t matter how you meet someone – on set, in a coffee shop, at school or in the business. Sometimes you connect with people at the right moment and you just click,” Austin told People Magazine back in January.

Although Jake T. Austin is dating someone other than his Dancing with the Stars partner, Jenna Johnson, that doesn’t mean he and Jenna don’t have a great connection.

For those who are totally bummed that there probably won’t be a major love-fest between Jake T. Austin and Jenna Johnson, we invite you to take a look at some of the other hot couples on this season of Dancing with the Stars.

Sadly, it doesn’t sound like there will be many non-dance-related dates going on.

According to the International Business Times, there were some serious rumors about the chemistry between Jana Kramer and her partner, Gleb Savchenko, but those were quickly nipped in the bud, as Gleb is married. Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke looked like they could heat things up off the dance floor, but Lochte has been quietly dating Kaya Rae Reid.

Perhaps there are other love connections to be made that we’re just not seeing yet, who knows?

Relationship or not, there is no denying the chemistry on this season of Dancing with the Stars. Jake T. Austin and Jenna Johnson seem to have staying power because of their chemistry, and that can only help them continue to compete on the show week after week.

Are there any couples on Dancing with the Stars that you’d like to see date in real life? Do you think that any of the current couples have the potential to turn their partnership into something romantic? Do you think Jake and Jenna will eventually become more than friends despite the fact that Jake has a girlfriend?

Let us know in the comments below!

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