Melissa Gorga Talks About Favorite ‘RHONJ’ Moment This Season — Teresa Not Included!

Melissa Gorga Talks About Favorite ‘RHONJ’ Moment

Melissa Gorga decided to return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey this year after her sister-in-law decided to return to the show after being released from prison. The two bonded a bit over the Christmas break and they decided to leave their drama in the past. But surprisingly, them ending their feud is not Melissa’s favorite moment of the season. Of course, Gorga has been dealing with some marital troubles this season, as she started her own business and her husband was less than supportive of having her out of the home.

According to a new Bravo report, Melissa Gorga is now reflecting on this season’s drama and it sounds like she has been able to find some golden moments on this season of the show. The season is not even halfway done yet, but Gorga already has her favorite clip of the season. And shockingly, it doesn’t include any of her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars.

“Antonia’s Father/Daughter dance was one my absolute favorite moments of this season. She looked gorgeous and Joe looked so sharp in his suit. It is really important for Joe and I to be there for special moments like these and to raise well-rounded, thoughtful and caring children. We are so proud of Antonia and the young woman she is becoming. I live for these moments,” Melissa Gorga reveals, sharing that she loves seeing her husband interact with their daughter.

Of course, Joe hasn’t been at home too much because of his work and he’s expecting Melissa to be at home with their children. Gorga has been trying to balance her motherly role at home with her new business role as a boutique owner. It is a lot for her, but she enjoys seeing her husband take the time to see his children, especially when he took his daughter Antonia to the father-daughter dance.


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“Watching these last two episodes you really get to see the struggle Joe and I have been going through balancing both work and family life. Our babies are now all in school and are growing up so fast. I think we can all agree that it is a tough transition as parents to let them leave the ‘nest’ so to speak. I am dreading the day college drop-off comes around,” Melissa Gorga reveals, sharing that she absolutely loves these moments.

Based on her comments, Gorga’s favorite moments are all about her children and her husband. And one can imagine that Teresa Giudice would pick the same moments, as she’s been bonding with her four daughters since returning home from prison. Teresa and her husband only had a few months together before he turned himself in to serve his time and it sounds they made the most of it.

Gorga is still running her store, and it sounds like she and her husband have been able to find a happy medium. The whole point was for Melissa to hire people to run her store for her, so she could be at home when her children were getting out of school. But it takes time to build a successful company and she’s willing to give it that time.

“On top of school starting, I am also navigating running my own business and working with a partner while managing our home, and as you can see Joe has been very vocal about his feelings,” Melissa Gorga points out in her blog for Bravo.

What do you think of Melissa Gorga’s comments about her favorite moment? Are you surprised that her children are included in her favorite moment?

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