‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 839: Luffy Gets Help From Big Mom’s Relatives To Sneak Into Sanji-Pudding Wedding? [Spoilers]

One Piece manga chapter 839 is all set to be released early next week, and fans have been quite jittery, not just because of the intentional delay by the mangaka Eiichiro Oda and his team, but also due to the multiple events. Owing to the convergence of multiple parties, there is no way to tell where the immensely popular Japanese manga is headed.

While Luffy D. Monkey appears to have all the help he can get to escape the Seducing Woods, the Sun Pirates could be hatching a plot to storm Big Mom’s castle, where the Vinsmokes family has already begun to arrive. The trio of parties can cause multiple complications, including the disruption of Sanji’s forced arranged wedding to Big Mom’s daughter, Pudding.

There is little doubt that Luffy will defeat Big Mom’s tenth son, Charlotte Cracker, despite the latter’s powers. Commander Cracker has consumed the Bisu Bisu no Mi, also known as the paramecia-type Biscuit Devil Fruit. This has enabled him to create multiple biscuits when he wants to. No wonder Luffy was overwhelmed when he witnessed a warrior emerge from Cracker’s humongous armor and attack him. It was further confirmed that Cracker is the “Thousand Arms” bandit. While these challenges many seem daunting, Luffy is expected to bring out the second form of his Fourth Gear and subdue Cracker.


Interestingly, not just Luffy, but the majority of the Straw Hat members have been getting help from Big Mom’s relatives in one way or another. Luffy himself was helped by Pound, who wants to see his daughters. Pound will help Luffy and Nami infiltrate Big Mom’s castle to disrupt Sanji’s nuptials. He could also point out secret passageways that would lead Luffy deep inside Whole Cake Island completely undetected. Even if Pound can’t help them reach the venue in time, Big Mom’s daughter Brulee could be of immense help.


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It is believed Brulee’s magic mirror might prove useful for Luffy when he plans to prevent Sanji and Pudding’s wedding. This is because the mirrors can easily transport them to any place inside Big Mom’s heavily fortified castle. While previous chapters haven’t offered a lot of details about the mirror, they appear to be interconnected with every single polished and reflective glass on the Whole Cake Island. Luffy owes the discovery of Charlotte Brulee’s Mirror World to Chopper and Carrot, who are currently trapped inside it. If Luffy can get Brulee’s Mirror, he could easily bypass any and all adversaries Big Mom has deployed to stop the Straw Hat gang from disrupting the wedding and land anywhere inside the castle.

Interestingly, the Sun Pirates, who aren’t fond of Big Mom, could also play spoilsport at the wedding ceremony. After learning how the Yonkou and her henchmen treated their captain, Jinbei, the Sun Pirates are burning for revenge, and the wedding venue of one of Big Mom’s daughters could be an ideal battleground.


One more tiny detail that could work in favor of Luffy and the Straw Hats could be Capone’s possible betrayal of Big Mom. However, given his sketchy past, fans speculate he might end up double-crossing Luffy, causing more trouble.

The only other aspect that might go against Luffy and ensure the wedding ceremony proceeds without a hitch is the arrival of the Vinsmokes family, and more notable, Sanji’s brothers. When he saw his two older brothers, Niji, aka Thunderbolt Blue and Ichiji who is also known as Sparking Red, Sanji is shown to tremble. It is not clear if he was afraid or worried, but he is definitely not thrilled to see them arrive at Big Mom’s castle. It is believed that Vinsmoke brothers are cyborgs, but only Niji and Ichiji turned out to be the black sheep of the family.


One Piece manga chapter 839, titled “I Shall Never Forget the Debt That I Owe You,” is expected to be released this week.

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