Kim Kardashian Turns Nude Into Style Trend With Jaw-Dropping Photos As Kanye West Joins Instagram

Kim Kardashian turns nude and see-through styles into fashion trend.

Kim Kardashian does not “GAF” (as she likes to say) what others think about her decision to show off her assets by turning nude into a style trend. From nude photos to nude fabrics to nearly nude styles, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is determined to follow her instincts when it comes to flaunting her hourglass figure. And recently, those instincts have resulted into some jaw-dropping social media pictures and fashions, with Kanye West stealing some of her spotlight with a perfectly timed debut into Instagram.

Us Weekly noted that Kardashian, 35, has increasingly dared to bare more and more of her voluptuous assets. Kim followed through by explaining her preference for sheer, sexy and nude-hued or nearly nude styles by turning to her app and writing a post, “Sheer Vibes” on Monday, September 19.

“I have always loved sheer. I just don’t GAF, LOL.”

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star also has unveiled her favorite items, and mesh is the word when it comes to Kardashian’s favored fashions.

Kim Kardashian shows her flare for nearly nude and see-through styles.

A geo lace bralette from American Apparel at $32 provides peek-a-boo pleasures, while a black Urban Outfitters mesh long-sleeved top at $29 proves that long-sleeved can blend with see-through quite nicely.


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Kim also enjoys showing off those curvy legs, and her chosen NaaNaa sheer long-sleeved mini dress at $52 does justice to her hourglass shape, while a Charlotte Russe double strap mesh bralette for $11 keeps the “girls” perky. Money doesn’t matter, however, and Kardashian also likes her La Perla timeless frame underwire bras, priced at $264 each.

The mom of two also is a believer in bodysuits, and Kim recently showed off her cleavage in a nude bodysuit in Miami. What to wear for Kanye’s concert? Kardashian answered the question with a low-cut sheer black dress that turned heads, getting West to join her for a jaw-dropping selfie.

Bathroom selfie right before Pablo hits the stage

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As for how the reality TV star goes beyond mesh, sheer, nude-hued and see-through styles, it’s simple. Take it all off, as Kim recently did in yet another nude selfie.

Kardashian apparently decided not to require her followers to use their imagination to visualize what is beneath her clothes, and the latest nude selfie served that purpose, pointed out Capital FM.

Kim clarified that she was motivated to post the picture by having a spray tan.

“I just did a midnight spray tan you guys. Tanorexic,” she joked.

While Kardashian has kept her followers fascinated on Instagram, providing photos of Kanye as well, West himself has been absent from the social media platform until now.

Kim’s rapper/fashion designer husband turned September into his month to make his debut on Instagram, following months of turning to Twitter to provide his followers with insights, noted Billboard.

Kim Kardashian flaunts her assets.

West even hinted that he might bring his unique flare to Instagram in March, but tweeted that he had certain rules for the game.

“No one can ask me or try to tell me what to Instagram. It’s my art.”

Following months of suspense, while Kim kept up the family tradition on her own account, Kanye brought his “art” to Instagram, with a flood of followers joining him overnight.

However, it wasn’t of Kardashian flaunting her newest style, or even a concert image. Instead, West went with a car.

A photo posted by Kanye West (@kanyewest) on

The caption-less photo still resulted in a million followers, while West appears not to be following anyone, not even Kardashian. However, Kanye’s decision to hop onto Instagram comes after his annoyance that others were pretending to be him on the social media platform, according to E News.

West may take some time to adapt his style to Instagram, with his fondness for Twitter clarified in one of his famous comparisons of himself to an artist.

“[My tweets are] a form of contemporary art only compromised by people trying to tell me what to tweet and not to tweet… artist trying to grab the paint brush,” explained Kanye.

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