‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: John And Paul Scramble, Eduardo Comes Clean, And Chloe Is Stunned By Philip

'Days of Our Lives' star Drake Hogestyn

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Monday kicks off a big week in Salem, and fans will not want to miss a minute of the action. Orpheus, Clyde, and Xander are back in town, determined to wreck havoc, and it sounds as if there could be casualties hitting before this is all over. What can everybody expect from the September 19 show?

John and Paul will be scrambling to track down the three villains on the loose, and Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that Eduardo will be in the mix of things. As viewers saw, Eduardo ended up being involved in the escape of the three men, but it wasn’t intentional, and he will be explaining all that transpired to John.

While Paul and John will be anxious to figure out where Orpheus, Xander, and Clyde went, teasers indicate that they will not have much luck in successfully tracking the men down at this point. The villains are conspiring together to make big plans, and things will get intense. There is a blackout on the way, and Kayla’s life will be at risk. It seems that it is going to take quite some time before the men are captured, and the buzz is that not everybody will survive in Salem as the pandemonium plays out.

Monday’s episode also brings a bit of action with Chloe and Philip. He is doing everything he can to help her through this pregnancy and keep Deimos at a distance, and Days of Our Lives spoilers note that he will make a request of her that leaves her a bit shocked. While specifics on this front do not seem to be known yet, teasers indicate that a DNA test will be done soon. Soap Central indicates that thanks to Kate’s help, the results may bring shockers to all involved.

Philip and Chloe are scrambling to control this situation, but Deimos is quite suspicious, and he is asking Dario to help him dig and uncover the truth. During the next show, he will push Dario to dig deeper to uncover information on Chloe, but it doesn’t sound as if he will necessarily get what he wants. Will Philip’s schemes on this front keep the truth hidden from Deimos, or will this blow up in his face?

As the week continues, Victor will have a shocker to share with Sonny, and Nicole will apparently try to talk some sense into Chloe. Dario and Eduardo will have an intense talk, and Steve will be doing his best to help Kayla heal after her surgery. Orpheus, Clyde, and Xander will prepare to make their next big move, and things get hairy throughout Salem as a blackout leaves many residents in vulnerable positions.

Gabi and Chad will end up trapped in a panic room together, and this situation will seemingly stir up some past memories and moments of bonding. Viewers are seeing hints here that these two could head toward a romance while Abigail remains presumed dead, and fans don’t seem terribly happy by the idea. Of course, Abigail is still alive, and newcomer Marci Miller will begin airing in the role toward the end of the year, but Chad thinks his wife is gone for good. Will he be involved with Gabi when Abigail resurfaces?

Kayla and Joey will end up being held hostage by Orpheus, Claire and Ciara will both find themselves in troubling situations, and Theo finds himself having to care for Thomas when the blackout shakes things up. Viewers will see Hope and Aiden spending time together, and Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Brady and Theresa will have to deal with a major challenge during Friday’s episode.

How much chaos will Clyde, Orpheus, and Xander manage to cause during their rampage throughout Salem? When will Chloe and Philip’s lies regarding the baby’s paternity be exposed? Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that this will be a wild fall filled with drama and action, and fans will not want to miss a minute of what is on the way.

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