Kelly Dodd Allegedly ‘Hated’ By ‘RHOC’ Cast: Will They Fight To Get Her Fired From The Show?

Kelly Dodd is allegedly hated by the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Does this mean they’ll fight to get her fired from the show?

Some written exchanges between Tamra Judge and one of Dodd’s biggest enemies, Heidi Caldwell, were released that may support how disliked she is on the show.

In the messages that were obtained by All About The Real Housewives, Tamra calls her fellow cast member all sorts of names. She believes Kelly is “horrible and disturbed” and tells Caldwell that everyone in the RHOC cast, except for Vicki Gunvalson, hates her.

“The cast is concerned, Kelly is scary crazy! Complete trash. She talked about you and your husband and thought you should know, especially after seeing her arrest papers and TRO for harassment,” Tamra wrote.

Heidi Caldwell is married to Jeff Caldwell, Kelly’s ex, when she was separated from her husband, Michael. As another AATRH report revealed, bad blood exists between the two with allegations that Dodd has harassed Heidi and her son. An insider claims Kelly has sent Heidi death threats in the past. In several email exchanges, Kelly accused Heidi of being obsessed with her and threatened to sue her for harassment.

LOS ANGELES, CA - J Tamra Judge reached out to the wife of Kelly Dodd's ex to tell her no on one in the RHOC cast likes her (Photo by Jordin Althaus/Getty Images For Ciroc Vodka).

Judge went on to write in her messages to Heidi that she’s never “met a more evil person” in her life. She dropped the bombshell that the whole cast of RHOC hates Kelly Dodd except Vicki.

Tamra expressed how she tried to understand why Kelly seems so mentally disturbed and even felt sorry for her. In the end, she said her efforts in helping Kelly went nowhere. Judge admits to Caldwell that Kelly could push her to the edge at times, adding that no one on the show likes her.

“She pushed my buttons so bad I almost hit her once. The cast HATES her. Except for Vicki,” Tamra wrote.

Tamra calls Kelly “horrible and disturbed” in the text messages. She said it took the cast 15 minutes to “figure that out.” The RHOC star tells Heidi that she wanted to reach out to her because she found it worrisome that Kelly is still talking about her and Jeff. She explained how she tried being nice to her throughout most of the season, but grew tired of her making excuses for her bad behavior. She wrote that Dodd “plays victim.”

The only exchange seen from Heidi in the conversation is her stating that she has her legal paperwork ready, and anything that needs to be handled will be done through her attorney.

Does The Real Housewives of Orange County cast really “hate” Kelly Dodd? The show is nearing the end of Season 11, but Kelly seems to be on good terms with Vicki and Heather Dubrow. She and Meghan King Edmonds have had their share of disagreements with each other lately on the show. At first, Meghan was embarrassed by Kelly’s behavior at a sushi party that Tamra put on. She confronted her about it when Kelly stopped by her house for a visit. She was open and honest about feeling embarrassed to call her a friend. The tables turned when Meghan let Kelly down over refusing to see Vicki in the hospital following the ATV accident in Glamis. Everyone thought Meghan should’ve shown compassion for Gunvalson in her time of need and been there for her. For that, Dodd is puzzled at Meghan’s behavior and overall attitude regarding Vicki.

For the most part, Kelly is on friendly terms with Vicki. The two women have a great alliance, as seen in several of Gunvalson’s Instagram and Facebook posts. The two women were recently spotted shopping together for gowns they’ll wear to the RHOC reunion. The two women have let fans know they’re ready for an epic showdown with the other ladies!

If the RHOC cast hates Kelly Dodd as much as Tamra claims they do, will they fight to get her fired from the show?

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