Peta Murgatroyd Talks Sweet Pregnancy Cravings And The Baby Name Maks Hates

Peta Murgatroyd's due date is in January

Peta Murgatroyd is doing more baby talk. The Dancing with the Stars pro dancer told E! News that her pregnancy cravings have changed now that she’s starting the third trimester of her pregnancy. Peta told the outlet that she goes for a combination of sweet and salty snacks.

“I really crave cold ice cream for any time of the day,” Murgatroyd revealed. “I could wake up and have it for breakfast, which I have a couple of times.”

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But don’t worry, Peta isn’t existing solely on frozen dairy. Murgatroyd tries to stay away from the unhealthy snacks and just gives in when the urges are too great.

“Apart from the ice cream, this month has been pretty good [when it comes to unhealthy cravings],” Murgatroyd explained. “The past months, I was craving pickles and vinegar.”

Peta Murgatroyd’s fiancé, fellow DWTS pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy, said that earlier in her pregnancy, she would whip up “a crazy concoction with olive oil, vinegar, and salt” to eat.

“It made her feel good,” he said.

Indeed, earlier this year Peta dished on her pregnancy diet, telling People magazine that she was grateful she didn’t eat unhealthy food before she became pregnant because now she doesn’t crave fast food, donuts, or unhealthy things like that. But Murgatroyd did describe her pregnancy eating as “crazy.”

“My diet right now is crazy,” Murgatroyd told People in July. “I crave fresh fruit and pickles and I’ll have everything at the same time. I’ll have organic salsa and chips and then pineapple, and I’ll finish it with two pickles.”

Peta Murgatroyd has been vocal about her mission to stay fit during her pregnancy — she previously dished that she will continue to go to the gym until she’s “too big to move” — but she’s not as forthcoming regarding the name for her unborn baby boy.

Peta and Maks have a front-runner name picked out for their son, but they aren’t revealing it yet because they aren’t 100 percent sure about it. Peta said they are going back and forth about names, but they both want a unique name for their first child.

“We want one [a name] that is meaningful,” Maks said. “The biggest thing is something that isn’t going to get made fun of. We love the name Gabriel but I hate the nickname Gabe and he’d be called that all the time.”

In an interview with Extra, Peta’s fiancé said that a friend back in New York recently nabbed one of their potential baby names when they used it for their own newborn.

“Two ‘Apples’ in the same group is going to be weird,” Maks joked.

Maks once said that he wanted to name his future sons Boris and Oleg, but at the time he was just joking about making babies with his DWTS partner Meryl Davis.

One thing Peta and Maks are talking about is the fact that their newborn son will be a big part of their wedding, which is set for next July 8.

“That was the original date and we kept it, even though I got pregnant in-between,” Peta said.

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The Dancing with the Stars pro dancers said their son, who will be about six months old by then (and will presumably not be named Gabe!), can be their “little, tiny ring bearer.”

Earlier this year, Maks and Peta told People their baby will be “a beautiful, kind person” and will ultimately have “the best sneaker collection.”

“We’re in trouble with a little me running around,” Chmerkovskiy admitted. “So hopefully [the baby] will be a lot like Peta.”

Fans first found out Peta Murgatroyd was expecting baby boy when blue icing and baby booties adorned the cake for her 30th birthday in July. Murgatroyd shared a photo from her birthday bash and captioned it, “Cake and Kisses for 2.”

???? Cake and Kisses for 3 @maksimc ????

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Of course, in 15 weeks, the baby will make three, but who’s counting?

Take a look at the video below for more on Peta Murgatroyd and her pregnancy.

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