The Penis Size Study, See Where Americans Land On The Endowment Scale

Penis size appears to be a bit of a preoccupation with men, as evidenced by the health industry’s evolution of male enhancement products and procedures. Many men, however, claim to have small penises but are actually quite “normally endowed.”

But what exactly is “normally endowed”? Richard Lynn, professor emeritus at Ulster University in Northern Ireland, collected data on penis size from 113 countries. He then wrote a paper, to be published in the journal Personality and Individual Difference, that ranked those countries based on the average length of an erect penis.

The number one spot went to the Congo, with an average erect penile length of 7.1 inches. Closely following was Ecuador (7 inches), Ghana (6.8), Columbia (6.7), and Iceland (6.5). That’s right, America didn’t even make the top five. In fact, America didn’t even make the top ten. The Stir comments that Americans landed in the 25th percentile, with an average length of 5.1 inches.”Poor Americans,” writes Lindsay Mannering, “So many huge SUVs, so many little penises.” Americans are a far cry above North Koreans, however, who came in at 3.8 inches.

The study has stirred up quite a bit of controversy, and not just because of the subject matter. Lynn mainly got his information from a website, which allegedly obtained data that was not “verified by academics.” Lynn’s reputation already made him a controversial figure in science, “particularly due to his thesis which claimed that certain races have evolved to be more intelligent than others.”

Jelte Wicherts said to the Sunday Times,“This is a brave paper in a controversial area, but the data has no methodology.” The professor of methodology at the Netherlands’ Tillburg University added, “Lynn’s paper should not have been published.”

Perhaps, however, seeing a national average will prevent average men from seeking penile enhancements, which “can come with a host of complications and side effects.”

To see a wold map documenting where all 113 countries studied landed on the penis size scale, click here.