Jana Kramer Hints Her Ex Cheated On Her, His Past Arrest Revealed

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Jana Kramer is on Dancing With the Stars this season and of course, everyone wants to know more about her. She is a country singer who is also an actress. Jana was on the hit show One Tree Hill. Jana recently separated from her husband Mike Caussin, and now information is coming out about their split. This was actually Jana’s third marriage. Radar Online shared about a past arrest that Mike had that nobody knew about, which has people wondering if this could have had something to do with their split.

Takin a break from @dancingabc rehearsal to hang with my baby girl. #myeverything #dwts

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Mike’s past arrest was that he was caught drinking “keg beer.” Normally this would not be a big deal, but at the time Jana Kramer’s ex was just 18. Now Mike is in a treatment center getting help, but it has not been shared what for exactly. When DWTS started, Jana Kramer shared saying, “My personal life took a hit. I have recently separated from my husband. I really think this process is going to be a huge healing experience for me.”

This is causing some speculation that drinking could be part of the reason that Jana and Mike split, but Jana also recently made it sound like he cheated on her. She Knows shared about what Jana Kramer had to say that made fans think Mike must have cheated. Jana is a country singer and also good friends with Carrie Underwood. She recently joined Carrie at a concert but was only in the audience. During her song “Before He Cheats,” Jana took a video that she shared. When she performed this song, Jana made it look like she was saying she had been cheated on. Of course, Jana never answered when fans asked, but she got a lot of support from people saying you shouldn’t put up with being cheated on at all.

"Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats". Thanks @carrieunderwood. #music=therapy

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Along with a video of her in the audience, while Carrie performed, Jana posted saying “‘Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats’. Thanks, @carrieunderwood. #music=therapy.” She started out the video showing Carrie, but then as you can see Jana moved it over to show her face singing the part about thinking next time he cheats. Jana made fans wonder, but she didn’t share any details.

As Taste of Country shared, Jana Kramer was injured last week, but she still plans on dancing tonight. Jana sprained a muscle in her rib cage, and the doctor told her that she shouldn’t dance, but she didn’t let that stop her. Kramer wanted to push through and is dancing anyway. This week Jana will be dancing to the song “I Don’t Wanna Be.” This song is the theme song to the hit show One Tree Hill, which is where Jana got her start. Her partner, Gleb Savchenko, did admit he is concerned about her dancing, saying, “I’m worried because it’s one of the things … you have to be careful. The injury can hold you back. There’s a lot of things in the choreography we cannot do.”

Fans are hopeful that Jana Kramer won’t hurt herself worse tonight by dancing on the show. At this time, Jana still has plans to dance. Jana knew she was hurt all week, so it made it where they could make the dance easier on her by working around her injury. Jana is already an early favorite on the show, and it would not be shocking if she’s able to win the entire show.

Are you surprised to hear about Jana Kramer’s marriage falling apart? Do you think that Mike cheated on her? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Jana Kramer on new episodes of Dancing With the Stars Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC.

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