‘Big Brother’ 18 Spoilers: Will Paul And Nicole Be In F2?

Big Brother 18 spoilers have surfaced ahead of Wednesday night’s finale. According to the Big Brother Network, all eyes are on Paul Abrahamian — who almost went home week 1 — as he tries to make it to the Final 2. If he ends up winning the next Big Brother Head of Household competition, he will have a big decision on his hands that could ultimately determine whether or not he wins Season 18 of the popular show.

“Paul has two options to pull along to the F2 if he’s the one calling that shot on Wednesday night. Either Nicole Franzel or James Huling could end up catching a ride with Paul and from what we’ve been watching on the Feeds, unlike Nicole’s wavering plans, there’s no doubt in Paul’s mind over who he’ll take. Since last Tuesday, Paul has been telling Nicole he wants her at the F2 over James or even Corey back when he was still in the game. That hasn’t changed. Paul doesn’t like James’s style or play and doesn’t think he deserves the chance at any prize money.”

Big Brother 18 spoilers suggest that Paul Abrahamian will take Nicole with him to the F2 if he wins the final competition — which he will play against her. Big Brother spoilers revealed that the most recent Head of Household competition was won by Nicole, this according to Jokers Update. That means that it will be one of these two as the HoH going into the finale.

Here’s what went down. Paul, Nicole, and James took part in the competition which started off as an endurance challenge. Nicole was the first one out, leaving Paul and James to battle it out in the backyard. Paul ended up beating James and was able to sit back and relax while Nicole and James went head to head in the second challenge.

The two faced off in a timed challenge, but the live feeds didn’t give too much away. The only thing that was confirmed was that Nicole ended up winning the challenge and that she and Paul will be competing against each other in the final HoH competition. Whoever wins that competition will be deciding who to take to the F2. As stated earlier, it seems clear that Paul will take Nicole. If Nicole wins, however, it’s unclear who she’d take with her.

Big Brother 18 spoilers suggest that Paul will have enough votes to win the season if he takes Nicole with him to the F2. However, if he changes his mind and chooses James, he’d likely have an easier road to victory.

Of course, there’s always a chance that Nicole will beat Paul in the final Big Brother 18 HoH competition which would really shake things up. Although it’s not the expected outcome, Nicole could win and choose to take James with her to the F2, leaving Paul high and dry.

Big Brother 18 spoilers aside, the winner of BB18 will be handsomely rewarded with $500,000. The runner-up will receive $50,000, and “America’s Favorite Player” will be awarded $25,000. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, “America’s Favorite” will be decided by a vote amongst fans of the show.

The Big Brother 18 finale airs on Wednesday, September 21, on CBS. Who do you think will win Big Brother 18? Who would you like to see in the F2? Who do you think will win America’s Favorite Player for Big Brother 18? Post your predictions in the comments section below.

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