Joe Giudice Net Worth To Grow After Prison Sentence? ‘RHONJ’ Star Focusing On Health

Joe Giudice RHONJ

Joe Giudice turned himself in back in March to serve approximately three years behind bars for fraud. Joe had been found guilty of fraudulent business activities in his construction business, and he was accused of stealing money from people. Since his wife, Teresa Giudice, had signed some of the documents without knowing what she was signing, she was found guilty of a similar crime and served just under 11 months behind bars. Their net worth went from $11 million to a negative amount, as their restitution kept growing.

According to a new Bravo report, Joe Giudice is utilizing his time in prison. He isn’t just waiting around until he gets released to do something great for himself. Like Teresa, he’s spending his time in prison to get healthy. Before Giudice went to jail, he was drinking quite a bit and admitted that he needed to get healthy. Teresa is now revealing that her husband is using the time wisely, and he has already dropped several pounds.

“He’s lost over 30 pounds… he looks amazing. I can’t wait for him to come home. I say, ‘You’re not coming home until you have abs,'” Teresa has revealed to Extra about her husband, according to Bravo. “I talk to him every day, sometimes twice a day. He calls me and we email constantly throughout the day, and I see him every week.”

Joe opened up about his health problems before he went to prison. On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa revealed that her husband was drinking way too much and needed to focus on his health. Of course, he can’t drink in prison, so he’s forced to get sober. When he sat down with Entertainment Tonight earlier this year, he revealed that he could use a sober period in his life.


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“I haven’t stopped drinking in I don’t know how long, so I could definitely use it just for that, you know?” Joe Giudice told Entertainment Tonight, according to Bravo, before he went to prison to serve his time. “[It’s] probably going to be a good thing for me, health-wise anyway.”

When Teresa was in prison, she started doing yoga. It was her only way of getting in shape, relaxing, and getting through her year-long sentence. And maybe she wants something similar for her husband, as he needs something to focus on to get through three years behind bars.

“I love the way [yoga] makes me feel… It really has changed my life. It just keeps me grounded and carefree and I love the way it makes my body feel,” Teresa has revealed to Extra about her yoga passion, according to Bravo.

Joe Giudice’s wife was so invested in yoga during her prison sentence that she wanted to make a business out of it when she was released. When she was released, she revealed that she had a goal of making back the millions that they lost in the bankruptcy case and their prison sentence, as they had to pay back millions in restitution.

Joe’s wife had set the goal of making $40 million with her yoga business. Maybe Joe Giudice can start working on his net worth while in prison, as he could use his health and his new workout routine as a business strategy once he is released.

What do you think of Joe Giudice’s decision to focus on his health while in prison? Do you think he could possibly get a workout video deal once he’s released from prison if he ends up shedding lots of weight and getting his health back on track?

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