‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Final Two Deals In Place, Nicole Wonders What Corey Wants Her To Do

Big Brother final two alliance

Big Brother 18 will officially come to a close in just two days. The final three have been chosen, and either Nicole or Paul will choose who they bring with them to face the jury. Paul won part one of the final Head of Household (HOH), and Nicole was able to win the second part. The two will face off against one another live on finale night. It has been several days since the second part of the HOH took place, and the three remaining houseguests have been sleeping a lot.

Several Big Brother fan sites have been doing polls and trying to figure out how the jury votes will fall in each scenario. It would appear that Paul would likely beat either Nicole or James, but if Nicole takes James, she may lose to him. Of course, America’s Favorite Player (AFP) will be chosen on Wednesday night as well. James has said over and over again that he feels like he has it in the bag. Various fan sites have him close to Victor with votes but it appears that Victor will be the one getting the $25,000 on finale night.

Nicole has been a blubbering mess since Corey was evicted last Wednesday night. She has been crying over him and is actually annoyed the guys haven’t been more helpful to her during this difficult time. According to Jokers Updates, Nicole is going to do what she believes Corey would want her to do as far as choosing the final two. She has been analyzing everything and came to the conclusion that he would approve of choosing Paul over James. It is unclear if Nicole would have a chance at beating Paul and winning Big Brother, but if it is what Corey would have wanted, she is going to do it.

This jury is going to be a rough crowd. With two veterans left in the game right now and Da’Vonne in the jury house, she will likely vote for one of them. Paul definitely has Victor in his corner and likely Paulie as well. From what the jury house blowout showed fans, Paulie doesn’t respect strong women. If given the chance to vote for a man over woman, the man would likely win over and over again. Natalie will be voting for her “Jamesy” and likely will have Bridgette in her corner. It really comes down to Zakiyah and where her head is at when the final two are revealed.

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As the Big Brother 18 finale approaches, several past houseguests are headed to California for the show. There is a huge party in Las Vegas after the finale interviews and everything wraps, and it is one a lot of former players make a point to attend. Throughout this season, several past houseguests have weighed in on what they think, and most of them having varying opinions. Evel Dick is a fan of Paul and Victor, while Derrick is likely pulling for Nicole to win it all.

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The next few days are going to be intense for the final three. No one is completely safe in the fact that they were promised final two deals. Everyone is overlapping, which is confusing for Big Brother fans. Nicole has deals with both men and they have deals with each other as well. Paul would have a better chance beating James than Nicole and Nicole would definitely beat James. It will ultimately come down to the jury votes for Nicole and Paul if they are the final two. Big Brother 18 wasn’t the best season of the game but fans are pretty happy with the outcome after a very slow start to the game.

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