‘The Big Bang Theory’ Penny’s Family Makes An Appearance On Season 10 Premiere [Spoilers]

Penny and Leonard With Their Family

The Big Bang Theory Season 10 premieres tonight, and fans will finally get to see Penny’s family all together. In the past on The Big Bang Theory, Penny’s father, Keith Carradine made an appearance, but tonight, Penny’s mother and brother will attend her wedding ceremony and party for their family and friends after they eloped last season in Las Vegas. The Season 10 premiere, called “The Conjugal Conjecture,” debuts tonight on CBS.

Last season on The Big Bang Theory, Penny and Leonard finally got married, running off to Las Vegas without any friends and family, says the Inquisitr. The couple offered their friends back home a link to watch the ceremony live, but Leonard’s mother, in particular, was disappointed that she was not included in the nuptials. For last season’s wedding, Penny decided against the classic white, and wore a pink dress for her Vegas wedding, but tonight, fans of The Big Bang Theory will finally get to see Penny wear white to her wedding.

It’s hard to say which will be more fun for fans of The Big Bang Theory, a Penny and Leonard wedding, or the chance to finally meet Penny’s family all at one time, with television veterans playing the roles, according to the Hollywood Reporter. In past seasons, fans have seen Penny’s dad, Keith Carradine, but tonight, Penny’s mother will be played by Katy Sagal, best known for Married With Children, and her brother will be played by Jack McBrayer from 30 Rock. Both additions to The Big Bang Theory are comic geniuses, and will be bringing it tonight on the show.


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‘Big Bang Theory’ Penny Wore Pink In Her Marriage To Leonard

Penny’s mom (Sagal), Susan has a bit of an anxiety problem, and her brother Randall (McBrayer) has done time behind bars for dealing drugs. Fans learned last year that Penny’s father, Wyatt (Carradine) had left Penny’s mother, and was filing for divorce, making the wedding get together even more awkward. The Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Molaro says that the couple were going for a conventional ceremony now that the Vegas adventure was behind them.

“Despite all the weirdness going on around it, you still have Leonard and Penny, who still love each other, and those pockets of love find a way of bubbling through the tension. The other weddings have all been extremely charming in their own way, and this one doesn’t disappoint.”

Rounding out tonight’s cast will be Christine Baranski, Laurie Metcalf, and Judd Hirsch.

Entertainment Tonight says that a wedding that includes the entire cast is a long awaited event for The Big Bang Theory. Penny has long told her friends on The Big Bang Theory stories of her family, and her rural upbringing in Nebraska, but her friends and fans of the show will finally be able to put faces with the stories, which often highlight her brother, Randall, and one-liners about meth and drug dealing, which in the past, landed him behind bars.

Penny and her father are chatting about her success in pharmaceutical sales, when brother Randall chimes in.

“Hey! She just sell drugs, I had to make ’em.”

An odd aside, Penny is the only character on The Big Bang Theory whose last name fans don’t know. It is being teased that her actual family name just might be revealed tonight on the Season 10 premiere of The Big Bang Theory wedding episode.

Will you be watching The Big Bang Theory tonight? Which member of Penny’s family are you most excited to see?

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