Ashton Kutcher: SWAT Team Called To Deal With Armed Intruders At The Actor’s Hollywood Hills Mansion

The SWAT team responded to a call reporting there were armed intruders at Ashton Kutcher’s Hollywood Hills mansion. Dozens of heavily armed police officers reportedly converged on the actor’s home after a frantic sounding woman reported men with guns had entered the property. The terrified female caller allegedly locked herself in a room while waiting for help to arrive. Three suspects were allegedly arrested on the grounds of Kutcher’s new home.

The Two and a Half Men star bought the $3.6 million home on Arrowhead Drive after his split with Demi Moore. Police officers have not yet confirmed if the alleged armed intruders call was real, or just an elaborate prank, according to the Daily Mail. A Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman reportedly stated the suspects were being held, but have not yet been formally charged.

The L.A. Police Department spokeswoman had this to say during the Daily Mail phone interview:

“The officers arrived and detained three people. We are still waiting for additional information.”

TMZ is reporting that the entire ordeal at Kutcher’s home is merely an elaborate prank. Law enforcement officers allegedly stated that they believe the culprits were near the movie star’s home when the call was made and that the caller knew three workers were on the property at the time.

Police officers have not been able to locate the woman who supposedly locked herself in the bathroom after making the emergency call about armed intruders. Since no victim was found inside the home, many are considering the Ashton Kutcher home invasion a “swatting” prank. Punking the police department is not considered a laughing matter by Los Angeles law enforcement officers.

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