‘Deadliest Catch’s’ Jake Anderson Jokes About Vain Side Of Captains And What He Knows Of Sig Hansen’s Return

The new season of Deadliest Catch won’t air again until next spring, but there’s plenty of things going on with the captains during the off-season.

Captain Jake Anderson interviewed with Kimberly Wells of EVINE Facebook chat last Monday. They discussed various topics surrounding the show with Jake dishing on the vanity that exists to a small degree on the show. He also answered on caller’s question about Captain Sig Hansen’s return on the show in Season 13.

Wells asked Anderson if makeup is ever done on the actual filming of Deadliest Catch.

“Yeah right… and if they did, you wouldn’t ever want the fleet to find out,” Jake said.

Anderson then confided that there are two captains who bring a vanity device with them during the season while fishing!

“Some of them I hear even carry a blow dryer,” Jake said. “Yeah, and you know who I’m talking about… there are two captains.”

Jake didn’t name which two captains brought hair dryers on their boats, but Wells already knew who one of them was.

“That kind of scares me because his hair is better than mine,” Wells joked.

Can fans out there figure out who Jake Anderson and Kimberly Wells were referring to? Who’s the other captain that brought a hair dryer on his boat for a season of crabbing?

Deadliest Catch's Jake Anderson of the F/V Saga (Image via Discovery).

Speaking of vanity items, Jake admits that he has cologne in the wheelhouse, and the other guys will kid him they can smell it on deck.

Jake Anderson told Wells that Deadliest Catch newcomer Sean Dwyer has become a good friend of his. He views him as a humble captain who doesn’t feel the need to “throw his title around.” On top of that, Jake said Sean knows more about boats that he does. The two young captains have the same type of boat. Whenever Jake needs extra help on his boat, he can seek the advice of Sean.

Will Sig Hansen return on next season’s Deadliest Catch? A caller asked Jake if he knew whether Sig was going to be back.

“That I honestly don’t know. And even if I did I cannot tell you,” he said.

Anderson said he’d like to keep his contract with the show!

It’s unclear what Hansen’s status is over appearing on the show is since he’s trying to fully recover from the heart attack and avoid stress as much as possible.

Sig appeared with Sean on the red carpet during Creative Arts Emmy Awards Day 2. As fans are aware, Sig had a heart attack at the end of Season 12. He looked well and appeared to have a lot of his strength back following his health crisis. It’s presumed he won’t be on Season 13 full-time in the beginning and that his brother, Edgar Hansen, will run the Northwestern while he recuperates.

Jake shared in his interview that he was scheduled to leave September 17 to prepare for the new season of Deadliest Catch. He’ll be away until mid-to-late November.

The captain is exploring the option of owning the Saga instead of getting another boat. Has formed an attachment to the vessel since he’s put so much work into it already with renovations. The boat is still undergoing some revisions. Jake said the Saga’s font will be different, but not fancy. Wells brought up to Jake that Sig calls him the metrosexual captain because he’s particular about how his boat looks.

On a personal note, Jake Anderson said he and his wife, Jenna, are trying for another baby. They already have a young son, Aiden.

Deadliest Catch Season 13 premieres next spring on the Discovery Channel.

[Featured Image by Discovery]