‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Lobby For Sandra Oh To Bring Back Cristina Yang Ahead Of Season 13 Premiere

'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Lobby For Sandra Oh To Bring Back Cristina Yang Ahead Of Season 13 Premiere

Grey’s Anatomy fans are pleading with Sandra Oh to bring back her fan favorite character Cristina Yang ahead of the Season 13 premiere of the ABC medical drama on September 22.

Fans of the series flocked to social media to urge Sandra to return to the drama as Dr. Cristina Yang, tweeting the actress in an attempt to encourage her to head back to Grey’s Anatomy in Season 13 after leaving the series after 10 seasons in 2014.

“If Cristina Yang comes back to Grey’s for Season 13 I would die. She’s my favorite character of all time!!,” Grey’s Anatomy fan @DeziraeSkye tweeted out of Sandra’s character, while @aveeerylewis wrote on the 140-character site, “If Cristina comes back to Grey’s my life will be complete. This void will finally be filled.”

“Praying that Cristina Yang will come back in Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy,” @lesahwin added of Oh’s character, and @greysconbrasil asked, “@IamSandraOh Is it true? Will you come back to Grey’s Anatomy? Say ‘Yes’ please. We want Cristina Yang back!!”

'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Lobby For Sandra Oh To Bring Back Cristina Yang Ahead Of Season 13 Premiere

But as fans continue to urge Oh to bring Cristina back to the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial hospital, the actress has unfortunately already made it pretty clear that she has no plans to head back to the drama anytime soon.

Sandra shot down months of speculation from Grey’s Anatomy fans suggesting she would be returning as Dr. Cristina Yang in Season 13, telling Entertainment Tonight Canada earlier this month that she has no plans to reunite with her former co-stars just yet.

“I’ve gotta tell you those rumors, I don’t know who starts them but it really is tough,” Sandra revealed during a red carpet interview at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9.

Oh then put an end to the rampant speculation once and for all, confirming, “No, I have no plans to return to Grey’s anytime soon.”

Grey’s Anatomy fans didn’t exactly react too well to Sandra Oh’s admission that she would not be heading back to the show as Cristina Yang just yet, taking to Twitter to voice their disappointment.

“To whoever got my hopes up by saying Cristina would come back to Grey’s when it’s not even true I f*****g hate you,” Grey’s Anatomy fan @rauhlsbeat hit back following Oh’s confession, while @acrowen tweeted, “Sandra said she hasn’t had no plans to return to Grey’s Anatomy my heart has broken again.”

Sandra’s rumor mill shut down came just months after she appeared to tease that a return could potentially be on the cards, playing coy when asked about Cristina potentially popping up in Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy in an April interview with the Los Angeles Times.

“I love that there are rumors,” Oh teased at the time, but didn’t offer up any further details on her potential return to the ABC medical drama.

'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Lobby For Sandra Oh To Bring Back Cristina Yang Ahead Of Season 13 Premiere

Sandra’s coy tease appeared to get Grey’s Anatomy fans’ hopes up for Yang’s return, as rumors hit fever pitch that Oh would be bringing back Cristina the week before the actress shut down the reports once and for all.

Just days before Sandra confirmed to Entertainment Tonight Canada that she had “no plans” to bring back Yang anytime soon, fans claimed that she would actually be back in the second episode of Season 13, even going as far as to claim the episode was called “The Return of Cristina Yang.”

But while Grey’s Anatomy fans continued to speculate about her potential return, the rumor mill was shut down once again after ABC confirmed that the coming second episode of Season 13, set to air on September 29, is actually titled “Catastrophe and the Cure.”

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 will premiere on ABC on September 22.

Would you like to see Sandra Oh bring Cristina Yang back to Grey’s Anatomy?

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